Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Blood Money & Greed: Whatever Happened To Cliff Ford?

Blood Money & Greed:

Whatever Happened To The Money Trust Midnight Rider,

Cliff Ford?

Quietly disappearing from Hal Lindsey's Intelligence Briefing and The Late Great 20th Century simulcast, Cliff Ford's investigative research, writings and perspective could be ever so welcome at this point in history.

If he was available for comment today his thoughts on the Global Economic condition formulating around us would not be surprising to him, but perhaps surprising to a great many.

Oh, well, we still have his books.

I encourage you to read his best, Blood Money and Greed

Book Description
For more than 200 years an international banking cartel has literally bought the world. Author Cliff Ford draws upon his extensive background in international finance to document how this group's plan to control the world's monetary system has progressed and how near they are to achieving their diabolical objective.

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