Friday, October 30, 2009

Towards A Jerusalem Global City State: Moving With The U.N. And The Arab Peace Initiative...This is Where We Pick Up Where Herb Peters Left Off

Reported here first, The Jerusalem Old City Initiative is gaining public prominence as all other peace initiatives are failing their diplomatic routes.

Jerusalem will be its own International City State.

And now, the UN has revealed its cards.

Jerusalem Is The Missing Peace.

But don't believe me, read it for yourself.

Jerusalem Must Be Capital Of Both Israel and Palestine, UN chief Ban Ki Moon says 2009-10-29 06:50:10

UNITED NATIONS, Oct. 28 (Xinhua) -- Jerusalem must be the capital of two States -- Israel and Palestine -- living side-by-side in peace and security, with arrangements for the holy sites acceptable to all, if peace in the Middle East is to be achieved, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned on Wednesday 10-28-09.

"This is the road to the fulfillment of both the vision of (the United Nations) Security Council resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative, and the yearning for peace of people from all over the world," he said in a message to the Jerusalem International Forum in Rabat, Morocco, in which he stressed that the international community does not recognize Israel's annexation of East Jerusalem."

Click here for entire UN article

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Cultural Diversity Ploy Urinating On Jesus/Miracle Skit Doesn't Work For Larry David, Judaic Hollywood And The Alliance Of Civilizations...Boring!

Larry, Larry, this all you can do?

Seinfield writer, cultural Judaic change agent, comedian, Larry David un-masterfully creates small skit by urinating on picture of Jesus.

Here is a perfect example of the old hat of Judaic stratagem.
  1. Urinate on Jesus
  2. Cause Strife
  3. Bring Unity And Interfaith Oneness to the world
Hegelian Rabbinic ploys are really becoming very boring and in this case evident.

Sorry, Larry David, is this all that Hollywood can do?

Larry David and Judaic Hollywood will have to do more than that to usher in Alliance Of Civilizations High Level Group Member Rabbi Arthur Schneier and Pope Benedict to find common ground.

At least Melissa Etheridge and Western Influenced Pakistani Rock Star Salman Ahmad (pictured below)

have already begun to "Ring The Bells" for the Search For Common Ground.

What perfect timing since Obama has just signed "The Hate Crimes" bill.

And of course Interfaith dialoguer, Abraham Foxman of The Anti Defamtion League, praises Obama for this "monumental achievement and great day for America".

QUESTION: Would Kirk Cameron

be considered "Anti Semitic" for urinating on a picture off Rabbi Heifetz Haim

... or Rabbi Chaim Ozer

... or Rabbi Abraham Abele Gombiner in a comedic skit?

Yes, he would.

But note the Rabbinic safety net of 'Comedic license" that this falls under.

Sorry Kirk...even if it was under "Comedic License" you didn't donate to the Dancing Rabbi's telethon this year...or did you? There's always loopholes, right?

Oh well, it doesn't matter. Christian Zionists still won't get it.

At least now...we will all live to the anthem of Michael Jackson's "Black Or White" or "We Are The World" anthem at tomorrow nights Hallowed Eve Harvest festival at any of your local "Christian" churches. Scary?

If you can stop...take a deep breath...step back...and look at the whole picture and not play into the expected retalitory violence...then guess what?

You defeat the Babylonian ploy and defeat the road to the Global Unified Belief System.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Deceitfulness Of Head-Knowledge: C.H. Spurgeon

We may learn that a man may know a great deal about true religion, and yet be a total stranger to it. He may know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God Most High, and yet he may be possessed of a devil; nay, as in this case, he may be a den for a whole legion of devils. Mere knowledge does nothing for us but puff us up. We may know, and know, and know, and so increase our responsibility, without bringing us at all into a state of hope.

Beware of resting in head-knowledge. Beware of relying upon orthodoxy, for without love, with all your correctness of doctrine, you will be a sounding brass and a tinkling cymbal. It is well to be sound in the faith, but the soundness must be in the heart as well as in the head. There is as ready a way to destruction by the road of orthodoxy as by the paths of heterodoxy. Hell has thousands in it who were never heretics. Remember that the devils “believe and tremble.” There are no sounder theoretical believers than devils, and yet their conduct is not affected by what they believe, and consequently they still remain at enmity to the Most High God. A mere head-believer is on a par therefore with fallen angels, and he will have his portion with them forever unless grace shall change his heart.

From a sermon entitled "Plain Words With The Careless," delivered October 13, 1867.

All Roads Lead To Rome: The Pavement Of Babylonian Stratagem Eludes The Anglicans

The Struggle For Your Soul

Ron Fraser

Ratzinger Blitzkriegs Protestants

October 26, 2009 | From

Pope Benedict’s aggressive move to garner the wayward Anglican daughter of the church back into Rome’s fold is the latest outcome of the Vatican’s strategy to dominate global Christianity.

In a bold move, as swift and as sudden as a blitzkrieg frontal attack, Joseph Ratzinger, the Bavarian pope, has turned the tide against the wayward Protestant daughters of the Roman Catholic Church.

Striking at Anglo-Saxon Protestantism’s leading light, the Anglican Church, the pope took the battle right into Lambeth Palace’s front yard. In one sudden, surprise move, Ratzinger blindsided a weakened and divided Anglican community by offering a free ticket to Rome for all Anglicans who choose to reject the policies of their liberalized hierarchy. As has now been well publicized, the pope has offered membership of the church of Rome to those who choose to convert, with the historic concession that they may keep their Anglican practices and that married clergy may be accepted as priests in a newly established Catholic/Anglican community.

Click here for Ron Fraser's Most Excellent Trumpet article.


Pope Benedict opens new front in battle for the soul of two churches

The pope's offer to Church of England members to switch to the Vatican was ill thought-out and could signal a struggle for the soul of both churches

Over the centuries, the great church councils of Christian history have normally been held in magnificent echoing basilicas and stately palaces – but the church moves with the times. In 2003 a luxury hotel in Dallas, self-proclaimed as the largest in Texas (now that's big), hosted a gathering of very angry conservative American Anglicans, determined to do something about the consecration of a gay man, Gene Robinson, as a bishop of the US Episcopal church, sister church to the Church of England.

As they dithered about what doing something might mean, the delegates were electrified to receive an encouraging message from no less a figure than Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. This was remarkable, because Ratzinger was head of the Roman Catholic church's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith: what in less mealy-mouthed times was known as the Inquisition.

Click here for entire article.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

UBS AG Confirms $2.8 Million Embezzlement, Back Door Tax Knocksout Americans, Bernie The Goniff Partner Dead In Swimming Pool

Swiss Bank Employee Embezzles $2.8M to Fund Gambling Habit

Monday, October 26, 2009

NEUHAUSEN AM RHEINFALL, Switzerland — Swiss police say a bank employee has admitted stealing millions from the bank's safe to fund her $60-89,000 a week gambling habit.

Police in the northern canton of Schaffhausen say the 41-year-old woman confessed to embezzling $2.8 million over the course of five years.

Click here for entire article


Back-Door Taxes Hit Americans With Public Financing in the Dark

Oct. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Salvatore Calvanese, the treasurer of Springfield, Massachusetts, for four years, had a ready defense for why he risked $14 million of taxpayer money on collateralized-debt obligations laden with subprime mortgages in 2007.

He didn’t know what he was buying, he says, and trusted the financial professionals who sold them and told him they were safe.

“I thought they were money markets that were just paying more,” Calvanese said in an interview. “Nobody ever used the term ‘CDO,’ and I am not sure I would have known what that was anyway.”

Such financial mistakes, often enabled by public officials’ lack of disclosure and accountability for almost 90 percent of government financings in the $2.8 trillion municipal bond market, are costing U.S. taxpayers as much as $6 billion a year, according to data compiled by Bloomberg in more than a dozen states.

The money lost to taxpayers -- when the worst recession since the Great Depression is forcing local governments to cut university funding, delay paying bills and raise taxes -- is enough to buy health care for everybody in Minneapolis; Orlando, Florida; and Grand Rapids, Michigan, according to figures from the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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Madoff Billionaire Found Dead in Palm Beach Swimming Pool

Jeffry Picower 'Cleared' $7 Billion in Ponzi Scheme; Faced Civil and Possible Criminal Charges

The man who made $7 billion in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme, Jeffry Picower, was found dead in his Palm Beach, Fla., swimming pool Sunday.

The Palm Beach Fire Department told ABC News that Picower had no pulse when fire rescue workers arrived at his oceanfront mansion after his wife called 911. She and his housekeeper pulled his body from the pool shortly after noon.

No one benefited more from the Madoff scheme that Picower, according to bankruptcy lawyers who sued him and alleged he had taken out $7 billion more than he had put in.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

"I Think Gold Is Becoming The Worlds Reserve Currency" Says Dennis Gartman PLUS Edgar A. Poe THE GOLD BUG

Fast Money Reports "Bottom In For The Dollar ?"

Even Wall Street apologists like Dennis Gartman cannot ignore the signs and now this incredible admission that you will not here on your local digital TV news.

Big Thank You to GATA and all the contrarians of the world.

And now for your entertainment pleasure:


By: Edgar A. Poe

P.S. Thank you very much Michael Hoffman for an inspiring write up on Edgar A. Poe in your most recent newsletter.

Click here and enjoy.

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Godly Stability C. H. Spurgeon

October 24

Godly Stability

And I will make thee unto this people a fenced brazen wall: and they shall fight against thee, but they shall not prevail against thee; for I am with thee to save thee and to deliver thee, saith the Lord. (Jeremiah 15:20)

Stability in the fear and faith of God will make a man like a wall of brass, which no one can batter down or break. Only the Lord can make such; but we need such men in the church, and in the world, but specially in the pulpit.

Against uncompromising men of truth this age of shams will fight tooth and nail. Nothing seems to offend Satan and his seed like decision. They attack holy firmness even as the Assyrians besieged fenced cities. The joy is that they cannot prevail against those whom God has made strong in His strength. Carried about with every wind of doctrine, others only need to be blown upon and away they go; but those who love the doctrines of grace, because they possess the grace of the doctrines, stand like rocks in the midst of raging seas.

Whence this stability? "I am with thee, saith the Lord": that is the true answer. Jehovah will save and deliver faithful souls from all the assaults of the adversary. Hosts are against us, but the Lord of hosts is with us. We dare not budge an inch; for the Lord Himself holds us in our place, and there we will abide forever.

Spurgeon's thoughts on The Great Down Grade Of The Church, The Down Grade Controversy

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Correction!!! 106 Failures And Hundreds More To Follow PLUS Catherine Austin Fitts "The Slow Burn" Hits The Mark

Bank Failures Top 100 for Year, Most Since 1992

The number of banks that have failed so far this year topped 100 on Friday -- hitting 106 by the end of the day -- the most in nearly two decades.

WASHINGTON - It's a big number that only tells part of the story.

The number of banks that have failed so far this year topped 100 on Friday -- hitting 106 by the end of the day -- the most in nearly two decades. But the trouble in the banking system from bad loans and the recession goes even deeper.

Dozens, perhaps hundreds, of other banks remain open even though they are as weak as many that have been shuttered. Regulators are seizing banks slowly and selectively -- partly to avoid inciting panic and partly because buyers for bad banks are hard to find.

Click here for entire article



People often ask whether I am concerned about inflation, deflation, peak oil, or a global financial meltdown. My answer is as follows.

The future is something to be created, rather than feared. Allocating our time, networks, and resources to deal with a variety of high-risk scenarios frees us to become proactive and to build positive futures instead of negative ones. I like to understand what these scenarios mean in terms of managing risk and to know how we can succeed within all possible futures.

But my business is investment, not prophecy.

The risk scenario I weight most heavily is not listed above. I call it the “Slow Burn.”

The “slow burn” is a political culture and economy managed through principles of economic warfare in which insiders systematically protect themselves and centralize control and ownership of resources by using:

  • Central banks
  • Currency and lending systems
  • Taxation
  • Regulatory and enforcement policies
  • Controlled media and entertainment

Insiders use these means to drain the time, resources, and life of people on the outside. Although insider cartels compete and jockey for power, they are able to settle their squabbles by increasing control and draining everyone and everything else. This is why the bubble economy continues to deplete the real economy. It is likely the reason why Dick Cheney said, “Deficits don’t matter.”

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Israel Eyes Germany's Best War Machine

Israel interested in two German war ships

Media reports suggest that Israel is considering the purchase of two sophisticated German warships. However, it is unclear who will foot the bill for the multi-million-euro deal.

Israel would like the two warships, worth an estimated 400-500 million euros ($600-750 million), free of charge, the German daily Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung said on Friday, citing government sources.

The ships might be supplied by Hamburg's Blohm + Voss shipyard who confirmed an Israeli enquiry to German media without divulging any further details on the potential deal. The ships' weapons would be supplied by the United States.

The two state of the art corvettes, which are hard to detect by radar, are said to be larger than Israel's current flagship Hanit.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Condi Defends And Inspires Bush Years At Beth El Synagogue Minneapolis

As Professor Condoleeza Rice of Stanford University stays busy writing two books, she continues her speaking engagement at Texas A&M defending the Bush II era.

Condi will also pop in and say a few words at Beth El Synagogue in Minneapolis Minnesota on Sunday evening November 8, 2009. PDF located here.

By the way, The Anti-Torture Rally will be held at the same time outside of Beth El Synagogue.

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Chuck Baldwin: You Might Be A Constitutionalist If...


By Chuck Baldwin
October 20, 2009

I originally published this column back in January of 2005. Since then (and especially lately), many people have called and written with requests to republish it. So, with a few minor revisions, here it is.

More than thirty years as a student of American history, constitutional government, and the Holy Bible leads me to the conviction that the two major political parties in this country (at the national level) are equally culpable in stripping America of its founding principles. In my opinion, both the Democrat and Republican parties in Washington, D.C., have zero fidelity to the U.S. Constitution and zero respect for America's foundational precepts.

In my studied opinion, neither the Democrat nor Republican Party (at the national level) has any intention of slowing the out-of-control expansion of government. Neither party has demonstrated any loyalty to preserving and protecting our constitutional form of government.

Like National Socialists and Soviet Socialists of old, the only thing that concerns Democrats and Republicans today is who is in power. Both are equally willing to destroy the freedoms and liberties of people without conscience or regret as long as their party remains in control.

I am absolutely convinced that without a renewed allegiance to constitutional government and State sovereignty, there can be no resolution to America's current slide into socialism and oppression. Therefore, it is critical that we cast aside our infatuation with partisan politics and steadfastly stand firm for the principles of federalism and freedom, as did America's founders.

Might you be a modern-day Minuteman who understands the principles of freedom and federalism? I offer the following test. Read it and see if you, too, are a Constitutionalist. (Yes, Martha, this is another Jeff Foxworthy spin-off.)

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Right On The Money

Robert MorleyColumnist

Right on the Money

October 20, 2009 | From

Do you remember the following words? They are coming true before your eyes today!

“Can you realize how fast events are happening in the world?

“You have seen that the U.S. dollar—long thought of as the stablest currency in the world—is in immediate jeopardy of being devalued!

“That means that it will take you more dollars to buy the same amount of imported goods. If the dollar is devalued, inflation will almost surely result—and eventual economic collapse for the United States.

“Those of you who truly believe the prophecies of your Bible know such economic collapse is prophesied to happen!

“And now, in almost daily news, comes the frightening development of a rush on gold …. What does this all mean? It means that at any time now, you could suddenly awake to find you have only about half the ‘money’ you thought you possessed—or that your purchasing power has been drastically reduced, overnight!

Should the dollar collapse, it could well mean a repetition of the disastrous depression that strangled the economic world in 1929!

“The final crisis is fast descending upon us.”

Click here for entire Trumpet article

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Germany's Second Class Medicine: Ordinary Germans Are In Uproar Over Safer Swine Flu Vaccine For German Politicians/Military

Damage control is the name of the game in Berlin on Monday as politicians rush to deny that they are receiving a better, safer swine flu vaccine than ordinary Germans. The first of 50 million doses arrived in Germany on Monday.

One might think that the arrival in Germany of the first of 50 million doses of swine flu vaccine on Monday might be cause for celebration. But with news breaking over the weekend that top government officials in Berlin will be injected with an alternative vaccine -- one widely seen as safer -- a debate about an alleged two-class medical system has erupted.

SPIEGEL over the weekend reported that Chancellor Angela Merkel, a number of her ministers and other government officials would receive a vaccine manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Baxter -- the same vaccine that the German military opted for, as was reported last week.

Click here for entire Spiegel article

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Monday, October 19, 2009

And Everybody Pays...Wall Street Insider Trading Includes Bear Stearns Alumni + Transactions In Companies Like Google, AMD, Hilton and Sun.

8 Trades the Insiders Allegedly Made

by Michael Copeland

Monday, October 19, 2009
provided by

The government's case against the Galleon crew includes transactions in companies like Google, AMD, Hilton and Sun.

The government's case in what it is calling the largest insider trading case involving a U.S. hedge fund contains a detailed list of trades involving household-name companies.

Investigators have pieced together a case that alleges more than $25 million in illegal gains based on trading in 2006-09 on companies including Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Akamai (AKAM), Clearwire (CLWR), Google (GOOG), Hilton, Polycom (PLCM) and Sun Microsystems (JAVA), among others.

Click here for entire article


Accused Inside Trader Is Bear Stearns Alumni

As the fraud trial of two former hedge-fund managers from Bear gets underway, the former head of their division gets arrested in the Galleon insider-trading scandal

By William D. Cohan, contributor

NEW YORK (Fortune) -- The $20 million insider-trading ring that the U.S. government alleges was masterminded by billionaire hedge-fund manager Raj Rajaratnam also included two former Bear Stearns hedge-fund managers. According to two federal complaints, two of Rajaratnam's partners in the alleged crimes were Mark Kurland, of Mount Kisco, N.Y., and Danielle Chiesi of New York City. Both Kurland, 60, and Chiesi, 43, were arrested last week, along with Rajaratnam, and charged with insider trading. Bail for Kurland was set at $3 million and for Chiesi at $2 million (Rajaratnam's was set at $100 million).

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The EU—Unstoppable!

Ron FraserColumnist

The EU—Unstoppable!

October 19, 2009 | From

The European Union is on a roll. Any resistance to its undemocratic methods is treated with impugnity.

“I will not sign Lisbon Treaty, says Czech President,” headlined the Times on October 13. “Germans seek to oust Czech President Vaclav Klaus over EU treaty,” declared the headline in the Sunday Times a week ago. Then on Saturday, the Telegraph ran an article under the headline, “Vaclav Klaus says it is ‘too late’ to stop Lisbon Treaty.”

Quite an about-face in just five days.

Whether the latter headline was a direct result of the threat from Germany is not a matter on which the popular press is reporting. Yet, given past results achieved by Teutonic political bullying within the European Union, one surely does not have to use much imagination to figure it out. As Klaus himself said, virtually declaring defeat in his one-man stand against the EU monolith, “I do not consider the Lisbon Treaty to be a good thing for Europe, for the freedom of Europe, or for the Czech Republic. However, the train has already traveled so fast and so far that I guess it will not be possible to stop it or turn it around, however much we would wish to” (Telegraph, October 17).

All that is now lacking, following the earlier capitulations by Ireland and Poland, is for Vaclav Klaus to allow his trembling hand to sign the document. Then once again it’s game, set and match to Berlin/Brussels on the most recent European imperial project, the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty.

Click here for entire Trumpet article

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Friday, October 16, 2009

And Everybody Pays...Galleon’s Rajaratnam Charged in Biggest Hedge Scheme Ever...GAO: Debt could break record in 10 years

“The defendants operated in a world of, you scratch my back, I’ll scratch your back,” U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara in Manhattan said at a press conference today. “Greed, sometimes, is not good.”

It’s the largest ever hedge fund insider trading case, Bharara said. It’s the first time wiretaps have been used to target insider trading, signaling the government will now use the same tools against Wall Street that it employs in organized crime and drug cases, he said. Bharara called the case “unprecedented.”

Click here for Bloomberg article

Government Accountability Office Reports $9.1 Trillion Federal Budget Deficit IS ON ITS WAY!!!!!!

The nation's long-term fiscal outlook remains unsustainable, according to a new Government Accountability Office analysis showing escalating levels of debt and a surging budget deficit.

The GAO report comes as CBO is expected to announce on Friday the fiscal 2009 deficit will hit a record $1.4 trillion, or 9.9 percent of GDP. It will total $9.1 trillion over the next decade, in line with estimates that were made earlier this month.

Click here for entire article


Billionaire Among 6 Nabbed In Inside Trading Case

NEW YORK — One of America's wealthiest men was among six hedge fund managers and corporate executives arrested Friday in a hedge fund insider trading case that authorities say generated more than $25 million in illegal profits and was a wake-up call for Wall Street.

Raj Rajaratnam, a portfolio manager for Galleon Group, a hedge fund with up to $7 billion in assets under management, was accused of conspiring with others to use insider information to trade securities in several publicly traded companies, including Google Inc.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Douglas F. Eaton set bail at $100 million to be secured by $20 million in collateral despite a request by prosecutors to deny bail. He also ordered Rajaratnam, who has both U.S. and Sri Lankan citizenship, to stay within 110 miles of New York City. The judge gave prosecutors until shortly after 6 p.m. to consider appealing his bail ruling.

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara told a news conference it was the largest hedge fund case ever prosecuted and marked the first use of court-authorized wiretaps to capture conversations by suspects in an insider trading case.

He said the case should cause financial professionals considering insider trades in the future to wonder whether law enforcement is listening.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Harry Beckhough: Nazi Intention Through European Union

More Than Just The Facts...
More Than Independent Research...

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Oil Is Hell: Edward Burtynsky's Oil

A decade of photographs exploring the impact of oil from the acclaimed Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky. The collection will be on display at Washington D.C.'s Corcoran Gallery through Dec. 13.

Click here for photo essay in Foreign Policy.

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World's Gay Capital Unveiling Itself In Tel Aviv: There Is NO New Spirit Of The Lord In Them Grave Filled Dry Bones

In Judaism Discovered, Michael Hoffman deciphers the paradoxical homosexual tenet in Orthodox Judaism. Will sodomy SAVE Israel? The Haaretz article below dated 9-22-09 considers it. confusing to many American Churchianity.

Its not a paradox if you read Michael's book and understand that The Dry Bones prophecy HAS NOT been fulfilled. Those Dry Bones DO NOT have The Spirit Of The Lord in them, but are being held by the captive spirit of the old Babylonian belief system. And indeed many believers of Jesus Christ inside the hallowed halls of Christian Zionism are being held and set up, BIG TIME! Be forewarned. - Johnny

Tel Aviv Aims To Be World's Gay Capital

Travel agents from around world to arrive at International Gay, Lesbian Tourism convention to be held in Israel for first time. Participants to sightsee, visit gay community hangouts in effort to increase tourism

Danny Sadeh

Published: 10.08.09, 15:30 / Israel Travel

Tel Aviv making gay history. For the first ever time Israel will host an International Gay and Lesbian Tourism Association (IGLTA) convention, which will be attended by 20 travel agents from around the world specializing in gay tourism.

The conference will begin on Saturday and culminate in a symposium conducted at the gay community's center in Tel Aviv's Meir Park.

Click here for entire YNet article


Can Gay Porn Save Israel's Image?

By Michael Kaminer, The Forward

Last update - 12:26 22/09/2009

The bearded receptionist wears a yarmulke.

In any other office, this wouldn't seem remarkable. But this is the midtown Manhattan headquarters of Lucas Entertainment, one of the largest gay adult film companies in the world.

The yarmulke - worn in memory of a recently departed grandmother, it turns out - seems weirdly apt once you meet Michael Lucas, the 37-year-old founder and CEO of the 11-year-old porn conglomerate, which in August released what it claims is the first gay adult film made in Israel with an all-Israeli cast.

Click here for entire Haaretz article.

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Ten Years Gone - ESDP Swan Song From Javier Solana, Not Led Zeppelin

European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana, left, is welcomed by Swiss Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey before the signing ceremony of a peace deal between Turkey and Armenia in Zurich, Saturday, Oct. 10, 2009. The Turks and Armenians are to sign an accord establishing diplomatic ties in hopes of reopening their border and ending a century of acrimony over their bloody past. (AP Photo/Keystone/Christian Hartmann, Pool)

Ten Years Of European Security And Defense Policy

Commentary By Javier Solana

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The year 2009 is a landmark year for the European Union’s role in the world. It marks ten years of European Security and Defense Policy (ESDP), during which the EU became a global provider of security, making a real difference to people’s lives all over the world. At the same time, we are on the threshold of a new era when the Lisbon Treaty enters into force and provides fresh impetus for our external action.

In ten years, we have deployed 20 operations on three continents to help prevent violence, restore peace and rebuild after a conflict. From Kabul to Pristina, from Ramallah to Kinshasa, the EU is monitoring borders, overseeing peace agreements, training police forces, building up criminal justice systems and protecting shipping from pirate attacks. Thanks to our achievements, we are receiving more and more calls to help in a crisis or after a war. We have the credibility, the values and the will to do this.

The EU was ahead of its time in 1999. The comprehensive, multi-faceted nature of our approach was novel. And the EU remains the only organization that can call on a full panoply of instruments and resources that complement the traditional foreign policy tools of its member states, both to pre-empt or prevent a crisis and to restore peace and rebuild institutions after a conflict.


The ESDP first cut its teeth in the Balkans. When the Yugoslav wars broke out in the 1990’s we watched as our neighborhood burned because we had no means of responding to the crisis. We learned our lesson and organized ourselves, acquiring a set of capabilities coupled with decision-making procedures and a security doctrine. In 2003, we prevented a fresh outbreak of hostilities in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia through our diplomatic efforts and then deployed Operation Concordia. In 2004, Operation Althea took over from the NATO peacekeeping force in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today, we are still deeply engaged in the Balkans, fighting organized crime and building up the institutions of law and order. For example, EULEX Kosovo is the largest EU mission to date, with some 2,000 staff, working in the police and judicial system and in mobile customs teams.


Last year, we showed how rapidly we could mobilize when we deployed a monitoring mission to the Caucasus in less than three weeks to help defuse the crisis between Russia and Georgia, following the EU-mediated peace agreement. As a member of the International Quartet, the EU is deeply engaged at diplomatic level in the Middle East peace process and the moment an agreement is reached between the Israelis and Palestinians we will be ready to help implement it on the ground. We already have a mission in the West Bank helping to build up the Palestinian civil police and criminal justice system. In Somalia, we are considering security-sector reform measures to complement EUNAVFOR Somalia and the humanitarian aid and political support that we are already providing.

To respond to the growing calls to help tackle regional and global security challenges, the EU must improve the efficiency and coherence of its external action still further. We currently have a gap between our ambitions and our resources which must be addressed. Clearer priorities and more sensible budgeting decisions are needed. And we need to strengthen our civilian and military capabilities and boost their funding in order to back up our political decisions.

The EU’s unique, joint civilian-military approach must be further developed to make us yet more flexible. Our capacity to deploy rapid reaction forces also needs strengthening. In the second decade of ESDP, the Lisbon Treaty will put all this within the EU’s grasp.

Click here for entire article at the Lebanon Daily Star

Javier Solana is EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP). THE DAILY STAR publishes this commentary in collaboration with Project Syndicate © (


By extension, "swan song" has become an idiom referring to a final theatrical or dramatic appearance, or any final work or accomplishment. It generally carries the connotation that the performer is aware that this is the last performance of his or her lifetime, and is expending everything in one magnificent final effort.

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Pumpkin Boat Racing Takes Off In Germany

New Fruit-Based Sport

Pumpkin Boat Racing Takes off in Germany

Germany staged its first ever pumpkin motor boat racing championship on Sunday. It was such a success that the country plans to host the European championship next year. A woman newcomer to the world of pumpkin racing won the 200-meter race.

Giant pumpkins don't make the best racing boats but they do have one advantage over wood and carbon-fiber-- they can be turned into gallons of soup.

Four contestants took part in Germany's first motor boat pumpkin race on Sunday in their outsized fruit vessels fitted with 3.5 horsepower outboard engines capable of reaching speeds of up to 10 kilometers an hour, said the Holiday Park Hassloch, an amusement park in southwestern Germany which hosted the race.

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The Prop Masters - Act II: Exit Stage Left The Chicago Judaic Communists Enter Stage Right Vatican Global Governance

Most will not understand the relationships that the aggressive chameleon art toward Global Governance endeavors for, unless you read such profound references of our time such as Michael Hoffman's Book Of The Millennium "Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit."

It could seem choppy at best to try to put these two articles together to formulate a connection toward Global Governance, but it becomes very easy when all referenced is laid out on the morning breakfast coffee table.

After all, when generally thought of, there is no Jewish - Black American relationship and after all there is no Black American - Catholic relationship. But under the praise and adoration of Global Governmentality, this euphemism has been defined. And, the serpent of old continues to wrap itself around humanity toward World Domination.
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March 8, 2007

Obama and the Jews

By Harold Brackman

One of the many paradoxes of contemporary American politics involves the Democratic Party's two most loyal constituency groups: African Americans and Jews. They have managed to stay under the same political tent even as their historic relationship has continued the long descent from the heights reached when the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel marched side-by-side in Selma, Ala.

In the decade or so since Louis Farrakhan's 1995 Million Man March, the best -- or worst -- that can be said about the relationship is that it has pretty much moved from mutual alienation to mutual indifference as black newspapers rarely mention Jews except to take potshots at Israel, and Jewish papers can be relied on only to ritually invoke King on his birthday.

Bill Clinton, the ultimate political empath, became a favorite of both groups without really bridging the growing rift between them. A crowning irony of the next presidential sweepstakes is that the contender who may have the best chance of restoring Black-Jewish enthusiasm for the same candidate has the middle name "Hussein," after his paternal grandfather.

Everybody by now knows the outlines of Barack Obama's odyssey as the Hawaiian-born son of a white Kansas mother and a Kenyan father who was educated early on in Indonesia (the home of his Muslim stepfather) as well as Honolulu, worked as a community organizer in Chicago (his real political education), graduated from Columbia University, became president of the Harvard Law Review and spent six years in the Illinois State Senate before his nationally acclaimed speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention and election that same year to the U.S. Senate.

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Vatican Backs Obama’s Global Agenda

AIM Column | By Cliff Kincaid | October 12, 2009

Some pro-life Catholics are acting shocked that the Vatican warmly greeted the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama, who is pro-abortion. They don't seem to understand that the Vatican and Obama agree on most major international issues. This is the untold story-how Obama and the Vatican accept major ingredients of what has been called a New World Order (aka Global Governance).

Another untold story is how, despite a disagreement over abortion, the U.S. Catholic Bishops and the Obama Administration agree on major aspects of so-called health care reform.

These topics are mostly taboo in the liberal and conservative media. Liberal and conservative Catholics alike would prefer not to discuss how the Catholic Church, here and abroad, functions like a liberal/left-wing political lobby.

But the facts should not be much of a surprise. A majority of Catholics voted for Obama, despite the fact that his pro-abortion record was well known, and when he was honored at Notre Dame, the premier Catholic University in the U.S., only about one-third of U.S. Catholic Bishops publicly objected.

Click here for entire Cliff Kincaid article

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Judaic Communists: The Prop Masters - Michael Hoffman Reports

Perpetrators of the Holocaust Against Christian Russia Transform Themselves Into "Survivors" Of "The Holocaust"

The portraits above are of the same man but in two different incarnations. On the left we see Martin "Gray" in retirement after a successful career peddling fake antiques to gullible collectors. He is holding his mass market paperback, For Those I Loved, which is filled with his exploits as a saintly "Holocaust Survivor" who was supposedly forced to help clear bodies out of the Treblinka "gas chamber." The earlier portrait on the right is of the youthful Gray as a decorated officer in the Soviet NKVD (the forerunner of the KGB), responsible for the murder of millions of Christians and gentiles in Russia and Eastern Europe. Even Establishment researchers have had to admit that Gray's book is as phony as the antiques he peddled. But Gray's scam is symbolic of countless other Communist ghouls who have managed to land on their feet in the West, disguised as poor, persecuted "Survivors of the Holocaust" and feted as the saints and martyrs of the universe. Meanwhile the holocaust they perpetrated against millions of Christians slips further down the dark environs of Orwell's memory hole.

In chapter 13 of Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist, Dickens notes that Fagin has an inexhaustible supply of props and disguises.

Click here for entire Michael Hoffman article.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Follow The Money...Honey

Description: Headquarters of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany, highlights the wealthiest region in the world. (Getty Images)

Follow The Money

October 8, 2009 | From

The world’s richest region is now Europe. It indicates where the world’s next superpower will come from.

By David Vejil

War is not so much a matter of weapons as of money. This was said by the founder of the realist school of international relations, Greek historian Thucydides. His famous History of the Peloponnesian War, the war between Athens and Sparta in the fifth century b.c., stressed the influence of political leadership and war on the existence of civilization. He also observed that wealth is essential for a civilization to dominate.

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Dollar To Be Buried Way Before 2018 Max Keiser On Russia Today

"Members of the president's national security team argued that the Taliban in Afghanistan do not pose a direct threat to the U.S., officials told The New York Times. It was unclear if everyone in the war council accepted the premise." Read today's article here on Fox news.

The truth is coming to light.

America, e.g. the current NATO, is broke to continue the undeclared "war" business.

Max reports from Russia.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

The Economic Recovery Is An Illusion

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Warns of Future Crises

Friday, October 2, 2009

Moving Through America's Twilight: Bank Failure Friday's And Bank Failure Insurance

Banks Have Us Flying Blind on Depth of Losses

Commentary by Jonathan Weil

Oct. 1 (Bloomberg) -- There was a stunning omission from the government’s latest list of “problem” banks, which ran to 416 lenders, a 15-year high, as of June 30. One outfit not on the list was Georgian Bank, the second-largest Atlanta-based bank, which supposedly had plenty of capital.

It failed last week.

Georgian’s clean-up will be unusually costly. The book value of Georgian’s assets was $2 billion as of July 24, about the same as the bank’s deposit liabilities, according to a Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. press release. The FDIC estimates the collapse will cost its insurance fund $892 million, or 45 percent of the bank’s assets. That percentage was almost double the average for this year’s 95 U.S. bank failures, and it was the highest among the 10 largest ones.

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IMF Eyes Bank Failure Insurance

Kevin Carmichael


The International Monetary Fund appears poised to throw its weight behind the idea of requiring banks to pay for financial crisis insurance.

Speaking to reporters as economic officials from around the world gather for several days of meetings in Turkey's biggest city, Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn said the IMF will spend the next several months reviewing proposals that would see banks set aside a portion of their profits to mitigate the cost of systemic failure.

Leaders from the Group of 20 commissioned the study after their summit in Pittsburgh last week. While still far from making any conclusions, Mr. Strauss-Kahn signalled that he is sympathetic to the idea, saying governments could force financial institutions to contribute to a fund that could act as insurance or help low-income countries that end up sideswiped by another global credit crisis.

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