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Global World Currency: Will The Dollar Finally R.I.P. Its World Status? Will Bible Prophecy See The First Of The Big Three's ?

Global Governance

Global Unified Belief System

Would Soon Follow


A New Economic Order? - I Bet Your Life

Free market ideology melts down

An investor looks at an electronic board showing stock information at a brokerage house in Wuhan, Hubei province.

China's stock market tumbles.

by Dean Baker

The near collapse of the world banking system and the internationally coordinated government rescue should put to end illusions about the unfettered market. Over the last three decades there has been an enormous upward redistribution of income in the United States and many other countries. This redistribution of income was justified as being the result of the efficient working of the free market. After this massive government intervention to rescue the banks from their own actions, such claims are no longer plausible.

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The Shadow Factory: Israel/NSA, AT&T, Verizon And Fiber Optics

Debate Flares Over Israel’s Access to American Secrets

For entire article and brief excerpt form book click here

Thanks Michael Hoffman for this lead. Here's another great book to add to my collection this year - Johnny

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Hoarding Opium/Heroin/Cocaine And Gold: A Testimony To Reality


By: Michael Ruppert

-- Congratulations to Jamey Hecht

Last night a whole lot became clear about what's going on with gold prices. Not everything is explained but much more of the map has been filled in.

I was at the wedding of former FTW writer Jamey Hecht who also edited"Rubicon" for me. He and his new wife Sava were just beautiful together and the ceremony, at a time of great fear, was a welcome relief for all of us. It was probably the most beautiful wedding I've ever attended and I know we all send Jamey and Sava Hecht our best wishes. They are an amazing pair.

Seated at my table was an executive for a precious metals company. What he told me was something I have seen suggestions of, but nothing made it as clear as his explanation.

1. There's virtually no gold out there to ship, at any price.

2. Major dealers are paying some serious premiums to actually get physical gold. I was told that currently the major vendors are paying a $70 an ounce premium over spot price when they order lots of 5,000 or more ounces. Order fewer than 5,000 ounces and the premiums are much higher and even then there's no guarantee of delivery. So what's being charged small retail customers who just want an ounce or two? The best answer I could come up with is "whatever the markets will bear". So the so-called posted spot price is now meaningless and I smell a possible (I emphasize "possible") embryonic black market for gold emerging. That is something I hadn't expected for a couple of years yet.

3. Even with the premiums there is so little actual gold available to ship that half the big companies have stopped writing orders because they don't know if they'll ever be able to deliver. The other half are still writing orders on the hopes that they will get some gold --sometime.

4. The credit crash has made it difficult for large vendors to get float loans to finance purchases and expensive delivery and insurance costs. The only gold out there is dealer-to-dealer or whatever is being sold by private holders.

The problem appears to be global.

That means that I could take one of my Maple Leaves, add maybe $100 to the spot price, then add the standard Maple Leaf premium of say $10 anounce and then go out and demand an even higher price based on which dealer needed the coin the most. I can easily add $120 an ounce over spot to arrive at a reasonable market price. The executive's words were "Nobody is paying attention to the spot price anymore. It doesn't mean anything."

That means that gold is being hoarded and kept off the market. There's only one reason for that IMO. Sure, one could argue that the hoarding is intended to drive up prices. But is that happening? Nope. Prices are low. What this says to me is that some with insider access are holding gold off the market pending a large breakout. When I suggested this the executive agreed instantly. It would have been like selling Iraqi oil at $40 a barrel instead of leaving it in the ground to sell at $80 or $100. Of course, that brings us smack dab into collision with the fact that plummeting oil prices are doing nothing to increase demand. TPTB and the economy itself have no choice but to unwind completely now. The plug was pulled too hard when oil hit $147. Whether that was inadvertent or intended we have yet to see but anyone hoping that falling oil prices will stabilize things is drinking some real bad Kool Aid.

Gold's breakout will be much different than what's happening with oil.

So we have opium/heroin/cocaine and gold being withheld from the markets at a time when cash is in short supply and credit is virtually non-existent. That confirms my position -- a position shared by many economic experts -- that the worst economic news is yet to come. The executive agreed that a major breakout in gold prices is imminent.

Yes, as one poster observed on the blog, things are happening very quickly. This next week is likely to be very tough. When I saw the Wells Fargo chairman suggesting no bottom for six months I wondered how it could possibly take that long at the rate things are going."What'll be left in six months?", I asked myself. It's hard to say. I shared my analogy with the exec about how it seemed like the markets had dysentery and were on the verge of evacuating and he loved it."That's exactly it", he responded. "Very little is making sense anywhere and almost no one understands where they really stand. People are trying to redefine their positions at a time when there's nothing solid to stand on."

By definition then, we're a long way from the bottom. Because when the bottom is reached, everyone knows exactly where they stand... on the floor.

Right now all I'm focused on is getting through an election and an inauguration. I don't see any possible chance that anything remotely looking like a bottom -- with capitulation -- will happen before Bush and Cheney leave office. That's at least three months. It will be interesting to see if a strong psychological rally begins on November 5th. It will be a hollow rally and another round of folks going back to the bar after the Titanic has already been hit by the iceberg. In the meantime, those who get it are busy building lifeboats.

Stay low and stay dry. Make yourselves economically "small" in terms of exposure. I really believe the scariest part of this ride is yet tocome.

Oh, and for the person who yelled out that they wanted me to talk about ROOT CAUSES... That's all I have ever talked about. I wrote one book on them and published a newsletter that did nothing but talk about them for eight and a half years. You'll have a new book that talks more about them early next year. It will also more fully address the infinite growth paradigm.

Until you change the way money works, you change nothing. Money is still trying to work the way it has for more than a century -- but it's finding the resistance to that increasing as one paradigm ends and a new one begins. Let's pray that Alan Greenspan has an epiphany and suddenly remembers and understands what he did to help create this. I wonder if it will make him sleep better. Somehow I think he's sleeping pretty soundly. He did what he intended to do.


JO wrote:

Some bullion now comes (if it comes at all) with a delivery period of up to three months and a hefty disclaimer: If they can't get a hold of the gold, you have the option of waiting another month or getting your money back; either the current price of the gold you'd contracted for or the price at which you bought it, whichever is higher.

What this means, of course, is that the dealers expect the price to remain suppressed for at least another three months, til the inauguration.

The schizoid disconnect between the suppressed price and the scarcity, even the unavailability of gold has been covered by GATA, the Gold Anti-Trust Association whose websites, for those who might be new to this game, are and

Congratulations, Jamey and Sava!

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Goodbye Monaco, Hello Montenegro - Rothschild And Deripaska Developing New Vacation Spot For Brussels And The Wealthy

'Future Monaco': The port of Tivat in Montenegro is going to be transformed into the 'Monaco of the Adriatic' and has a tight circle of wealthy backers

Monaco Of The Balkans

Goodbye Monaco, Hello Montenegro

British financiers are backing a new playground for the rich in a Balkan port

The roads are crumbling and the power and water supply is erratic but British investors are placing bets. Welcome to Tivat, which is being described as the Monaco of the Balkans.

It may lack the cachet of Cannes, but developers have big plans for Tivat, a derelict port and former Yugoslav naval base in the tiny former communist country of Montenegro.

A group of high-profile investors, including Lord Rothschild, the financier and friend of the Prince of Wales, and his son Nat, are converting what used to be the dockyard into a marina for the oversized yachts of the rich and famous.

It is hoped that Porto Montenegro, as it is to be christened, will become a magnet for mega-rich yacht owners cruising the Mediterranean.

The £200m project was the idea of Peter Munk, an 80-year-old Canadian who heads Barrick Gold, a giant mining company. His other investors include Bernard Arnault, the French luxury goods magnate, and Oleg Deripaska, the Russian mining billionaire.

For more click here


Monaco Of The Adriatic

The Mafia paradise that holds secret to tycoons' alliance

By Richard Pendlebury and Neil Barnett
Last updated at 1:00 AM on 24th October 2008

Springtime in Brussels and a familiar figure is wreathed in smiles as he announces his latest diplomatic masterstroke.

After three years of talks Peter Mandelson, the EU Trade Commissoner, has secured a bilateral agreement with the tiny Adriatic nation of Montenegro.

'Today's signature is an important milestone,' he cooed. Montenegro's progress towards becoming a reliable world trading partner had been 'remarkable'.


Too Close For British Comfort

From The Times Online Slide Show

Osborne And The Oligarch

George Osborne, the Shadow Chancellor, was forced to give a statement to the press denying claims that he tried to solicit a £50,000 donation to the Tory Party from a Russian billionaire, Oleg Deripaska

(Paul Rogers/The Times)

The allegations, made in a letter to The Times by Mr Osborne’s former university friend Nathaniel Rothschild, concern a series of meetings held with Mr Deripaska (pictured) in Corfu

(Vasily Smirnov/ITAR-TASS)

Peter Mandelson, the Secretary of State for Business, was present at some of the meetings, during which it is claimed he had dripped ’pure poison’ about Gordon Brown - before he was recalled to the Cabinet

(Gareth Fuller/PA)

Mr Osborne was joined at the meeting by Andrew Feldman, Conservative chief fundraiser, who it is claimed discussed a donation. Political parties cannot accept donations by foreigners, but they would have been permitted had they come through Mr Deripaska’s UK-based Leyland Daf company

(Susannah Ireland/The Times)

Nathaniel Rothschild, pictured here in 2003, got to know Mr Osborne at Oxford’s notorious exclusive drinking society, the Bullingdon Club

(Dominic O'Neill/Desmond O'Neill Features)

The Bullingdon Club of 1992: pictured are (1) George Osborne, (2) Harry Mount, (3) Chris Coleridge, (4) Lupus von Maltzahn, (5) Mark Petre (6) Peter Holmes a Court, (7) Nat Rothschild, (8) Jason Gissing

Mr Deripaska was staying on his luxury yacht, the Queen K, off the coast of Corfu when he hosted Mr Osborne, Mr Feldman and Mr Rothschild and one of the disputed conversations took place


A Google Earth Image shows the Rothschild Estate, a short way up the coast.

(Google Earth)


Peter Mandelson oligarch Oleg Deripaska linked to mafia boss

The Russian oligarch who gave hospitality to Peter Mandelson is this weekend revealed to have been linked to the former boss of one of Russia’s most powerful criminal gangs.

A High Court judgment details the alleged social and business links between Oleg Deripaska and Anton Malevsky, a Russian mobster. Malevsky was then reputedly the head of an organised crime gang and his brother Andrei had a 10% stake in Deripaska’s company.

Click for source


The £5 billion reason Rothschild knifed his friend George in the back

Vengeful: Nat Rothschild, pictured with Petrina Kashoggi

As Oleg Deripaska's yacht sailed away from the fateful encounters off Corfu last August her captain set a course far from the playgrounds of the mega-rich and headed for one of the most desolate harbours in the Adriatic. The Queen K had dallied for days at the gorgeous anchorage near Nat Rothschild's magnificent cliff-top villa, but on 27 August, just after hosting Mandelson, Osborne et al, the £80 million vessel dropped anchor off a wharf filled with rusting cranes, crumbling concrete and a couple of half-sunken Cold War submarines.

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MCR: I Love Tom Whipple

MCR wrote:


For years now he has demonstrated the clearest grasp and most articulate voice on understanding what Peak means and how it plays out. He makes me feel like I'm playing in the best infield in baseball.

This is what I wrote about today. He wrote about it too because we can feel how many just haven't gotten it yet and we both knew what your laments would be. I think I can speak for Tom when I say that our biggest fears are that not enough people will get it in time.

Inside joke for Tom: I love ya babe! [Spoken like a true case officer,which makes me worry that I may have met one too many in the last thirty years.]

The CIA is Wall Street. And we know from declassified documents that the CIA understood and was following Peak Oil way back in the 1970s.

So, here's my team: Whipple at third, Ruppert at short stop, Heinberg at second, Simmons at first, and Campbell at the plate. Robinowitz is in left field (no pun), Darley in center, and Quinn-Bachman in right. Kane is third base coach. Rice Farmer is first base coach.

Stan Goff is the umpire.

Jenna sweetheart, you're the one sitting in the dugout spitting all the time. (Oh, am I going to hear about that. Pray for me fans.)

Now everyone go read Whipple before I get cranky.

JO wrote:

You forgot Kunstler as pitcher, sweetheart.

"Secretly And Silently" Nazi Pope Pushed By German Jesuits and Benedict For Sainthood? Israel Postures"Not On Your Life Buddy"

Sainthood For Pope Pius XII "UNACCEPTABLE!", Israeli Minister Says

An Israeli cabinet minister stepped into a row with the Vatican today, saying it was "unacceptable" to consider canonising Pius XII, who was pope during the second world war and has been criticised by some for not publicly opposing the Holocaust.

In an interview with the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz, Isaac Herzog, Israel's social affairs minister, who is responsible for relations with Christian communities, said efforts to turn Pius into a saint were "an exploitation of forgetfulness and lack of awareness".

He accused Pius of having kept silent during the war. "Throughout the period of the Holocaust, the Vatican knew very well what was happening in Europe," Herzog told the paper. "Yet there is no evidence of any step being taken by the pope, as the stature of the Holy See should have mandated ... Instead of acting according to the biblical verse 'thou shalt not stand against the blood of thy neighbour' the pope kept silent - and perhaps even worse."

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Germany Threatens Ireland

October 20, 2008 | From

Germany’s attitude toward Ireland reinforces the anti-democratic EU process.

In a harbinger of things to come, the Irish have aroused the ire of the European Union’s most powerful member nation, Germany.

First came Ireland’s rejection of the Lisbon Treaty. Recently, in the wake of the global financial meltdown, came its breaking of EU rules by acting unilaterally to protect its own financial institutions.

These moves are causing the true nature of the beastly European Union to emerge. The message is becoming clear: Either bow the knee to Baal in Brussels, or suffer what one German politician termed last week, “disastrous consequences”!

To the most careful watchers of the EU, this comes as no surprise. It merely reinforces the claim of some of the more astute observers, such as Rodney Atkinson in his book Fascist Europe Rising, that the development of the EU has paralleled that of the Third Reich. As the Trumpet has long forecast, the results will be even more devastating than those of the Nazi/fascist era.

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Obama and McCain pal around at Catholic fundraiser

Obama and McCain pal around at Catholic fundraiser
Presidential rivals swap bitter campaigning for warm mockery at Al Smith charity dinner in New York

* Daniel Nasaw in New York
* Friday October 17 2008 14.18 BST
* Article history

Obama and McCain traded wisecracks in New York Link to this video

Forget Tina Fey, the true comedians of the presidential campaign are the candidates.

Last night, Barack Obama and John McCain set aside their increasingly bitter arsenal of personal attacks, insinuations and innuendo and warmly chided each other at a charity dinner packed with New York media and political bigshots.

At the Alfred E Smith dinner, named for a pioneering Catholic four-term New York governor, the two senators joked about the themes of their campaign, with plenty of self-deprecation – a scene welcomed by citizens and political professionals alike.


For One Night, Candidates Trade Jokes Instead of Attacks

NEW YORK -- Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama came together Thursday night for back-to-back turns at sharply witted, self-deprecating and laugh-out-loud political humor.

Both men offered good-natured and well-crafted nods to their own foibles as well as gently placed digs at their opponents. The result was a remarkable night of comity in a presidential campaign that has been at times brutally tough.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Growing Cooperation Between Moscow And Berlin To Undermine NATO

The Russo-German Plan to Dismantle NATO

October 16, 2008 | From

Growing cooperation between Moscow and Berlin is undermining the influence and credibility of arguably the most important security organization in modern history.

Within days of Russia’s invasion of Georgia in early August, our editor in chief, Gerald Flurry, told students at Herbert W. Armstrong College that he believed Moscow had struck a deal with Germany over Georgia before it attacked. After delivering that message to the students, Mr. Flurry wrote in the October issue of the Trumpet, “I believe Germany may well have been complicit in Russia’s plan to attack Georgia!”

That analysis was bold and unique. At the time, there were no media reports suggesting behind-the-scenes dealings between Moscow and Berlin. Since then, however, a pile of evidence has emerged (read this, for example) pointing to a growing cooperation between Russia and Germany.

Click here for entire Trumpet Article

The Chabad Lubavitch Jewish Community Will Vote For John McCain Than Any Other Candidate In Past History - Sarah Is Heavenly

In Boca Raton, Lieberman Says McCain's Support Of Israel Is In His Kishke

The battle for South Florida’s Jewish vote is gaining intensity in the final month of the presidential race.

One indicator: U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman, the “independent Democrat” from Connecticut, is still campaigning in south Palm Beach County’s synagogues for John McCain.

At the Chabad of Boca Raton, Lieberman launched today his third major campaign swing in South Florida for McCain this year. He was joined by state Rep. Adam Hasner, the Florida House majority leader from Boca Raton who leads a national Jewish support group for McCain.

Hasner and Lieberman blasted Democrat Barack Obama's foreign policy views, and ridiculed his willingness to meet with leaders of Iran without preconditions. They touted McCain as a friend of Israel, noting that the Arizona senator has made it a campaign promise to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a step sought by Jewish leaders in this country.

“I want somebody who has been tested in crisis, and who has always kept his cool,” said Lieberman of McCain. “Senator Obama has a pro-Israel voting record. But McCain has more. It’s in his gut. In his kishke. He knows the history…and of the historic claims to Jerusalem…He knows Israel is our most reliable ally.”

Hasner and Lieberman acknowledged that polls show McCain trailing Obama in Florida and nationally.

“With 29 days to go, don’t count John McCain out,” Hasner told about 150 people at the Chabad of Boca Raton, which is located off Military Trail. “This is going to be a close election in Florida, and more members of the Jewish community are going to vote for John McCain than any other candidate in past history.”


Sarah, Heavenly Sarah
By Lawrence Kulak
Published on Thursday, September 25, 2008 - COMMENTS (11)

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If you look squarely into the beaming face of Sarah Palin, your initial impression might be that she is Jewish. Anyone who is highly familiar with typical Jewish facial characteristics, however, would quickly be able to see that this is probably not true. Nevertheless, this Evangelical Protestant woman who is poised to become the next vice president of the United States reportedly has at times worn a small Israeli flag on her lapel, in addition to having another small flag that protrudes from a window frame inside her Alaskan gubernatorial office.

Why does Sarah Palin seem to be so Jewish? First, it probably has something to do with the Biblical first name she received from parents who most likely were strong believers in the Bible. Second, Sarah Palin is, as Rabbi Joseph Greenberg, the director of Chabad-Lubavitch in Anchorage wrote, a “remarkable, energetic, and good person.” In addition to personally attending several Jewish cultural events in her state, Governor Palin, in a meeting with David Akov, Israel’s consul general for the Pacific Northwest, reportedly told him that Alaska’s residents love the State of Israel while also informing him of her own desire to visit the Holy Land.


Chabad Lubavitch

Chabad Telethon - The Dancing Rabbis

NATO Can't Find Osama Bin Laden, So Now They Will Target His Money - The Drug Barons, The Laboratories And Oh Yeah, A Few Poppy Farmers

(Richard Pohle/The Times)

Troops have been reluctant to act against struggling poppy farmers (but you know they're going to be the big causalities - Johnny)

A Note From Michael Ruppert

-- What in the World Is Happening With the Global Drug Trade?

Over the last few months I have tracked major seizures of cocaine both in the Pacific and the Gulf. Three separate seizures involved semi-submersibles of small submarines that don't go under the water but sink flush with it to eliminate radar signatures. (Doesn't work well for satellite surveillance.) Each of those seizures was 3,000 metric tons or more. Then I found that the DEA had recorded earlier seizures this year totaling more than 4,000 tons. The last time I checked (2000), the U.S. was consuming only 6,000 metric tons of cocaine a year. What gives? There is no evidence I know of to suggest that consumption has grown. It's counter intuitive. I don't have the contacts I used to but I can tell you that in L.A. there is virtually no powdered cocaine to be found and it's been that way for months. There is a little crack out there but I suspect that may be crystal meth -- "crank". Meantime Mexico has erupted into a virtual drug-defined civil war with hundreds, if not thousands, murdered.

Then today Matt Savinar sends me this story about how the world's heroin supply is disappearing:

Someone is stockpiling heroin. Heroin is the base drug of morphine. The opium poppy, papaver somniferum, is the source of opium, the most commonly used, and most effective natural pain killer in man's history (insert big pharma here - Johnny). Heroin is made from opium. I fear that opium and heroin have become new hot commodities and there is no way that that much opium/heroin could be intended for "recreational" use -- or even to supply addicts. It seems that someone is banking heavily on a lot of people being in a lot of physical pain. -- Good job Matt, as usual. I can't explain what's happening wth cocaine. Is it being hoarded until the price goes up? Not likely, because no one will have money to buy it in just a few short months. But then again, if it's dirt cheap,say $75 a gram...

I repeat that by itself, all the cash from the global drug trade is not relevant to the current economic crisis. I last estimated all cash generated by illegal drugs at aruound $600 billion a year. By itself, the Lehman bankruptcy was $750 billion or so. Then came the bailouts and the trillions in equity that has been destroyed.

I don't have time to do the research but I'm sure we'll find out what it means soon enough I suspect. This all smells so... , so... BUSH.

Maybe we'll see all the drugs turn up right after the markets bottom. That could squeeze a few final dollars out of the corpse.


NATO Troops Given New Mandate To Attack Heroin Drug Barons In Afghanistan

British troops will hunt down heroin drug barons and their opium-processing laboratories in Afghanistan for the first time in a new strategy designed to sever the flow of drugs money to the Taleban.

The new strategy represents a change in operations for the 50,000 international troops serving in Afghanistan, which produces 90 per cent of the world’s heroin.


NATO Clinches Deal for Tougher Afghan Drug Action

NATO defense ministers reached a deal over controversial plans to launch direct attacks on the thriving drugs trade in Afghanistan, which the US says helps fund the Taliban insurgency raging in the country.

Ministers overcame resistance to the plans from several NATO states -- notably Germany, Italy and Spain -- by accepting that any attacks against opium laboratories would be coordinated with the Afghan authorities.

"There is a formal agreement between the NATO nations to fight drug trafficking," a diplomat confirmed as defense ministers met in the Hungarian capital Budapest for a two-day meeting to discuss issues ranging from the war in Afghanistan to Georgia's NATO membership bid and piracy off the Somali coast.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

AJC Slams The Right Reverend Jesse Anti-Zionist Remarks

AJC Strongly Condemns Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Comment on American Jews

October 14, 2008 - New York - The American Jewish Committee (AJC) has condemned the Rev. Jesse Jackson's statement about "Zionists who have controlled American policy for decades."

"Rev. Jackson's remarks, which appeared in an interview with the journalist Amir Taheri in today's New York Post, echo classic anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about Jewish power," said AJC Executive Director David A. Harris. "This statement, regrettably, is not the first troubling comment by Rev. Jackson regarding Israel, Zionism and the Jewish people."

"As poll after poll has revealed, over a span of decades, the United States is deeply committed to Israel because the vast majority of Americans, Jewish and non-Jewish alike, identify with Israel as a proven friend and ally," said Harris. "It is this commonality of shared values and shared interests, and not Jackson's conspiratorial notions of power, that unite Israel and America."

Fear! Catching The Fire In The Crystal Along Our Mythic Journey Of Fear

The city is rank with it.

Let us ease their pain" - Gothmog

Return Of The King -Lord Of The Rings Trilogy

How will fear conquer all?

Will you find it in the mythological code of your psyche?

Will myth shake the hearts and fire the soul of humankind in these uncertain times?

Fire In The Crystal keynote speaker Dr. James Hillman would say yes in his Justice And Beauty - Foundations of an Ecological Psychology address.

Dr. James Hillman would further express it at the Mythic Journeys conferences.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The Mythic Journeys conferences were birthed by enlivening the imagination with love, from the The Mythic Imagination Institute which creates experiences of the mystery and metaphor in myth and story through art, hands-on activity and cross-disciplinary conversation.

Its past contributors include Deepak Chopra"A renowned physician and author, Deepak Chopra is undoubtedly one of the most lucid and inspired philosophers of our time." — Mikhail Gorbachev, Citation of the Medal of the Presidency of the Italian Republic awarded by the Pio Manzu International Scientific Committee.

And just around the corner The Mythic Imagination Institute will share with us its first Hollywood movie appropriately called Mythic Journeys. Its movie trailer should interest some of you.

Dr. Frank N Furter himself Tim Curry,

Star Wars Young Jedi Master Mark Hamill

and Millenium supernatural investigator Frank Black character Lance James Henriksen

adds voices to Mythic Journeys stop-motion animated section entitled The Bone Orchard.

Aaaaaaah, but wait!
No I mean Aaaaaanh!

What brings all of this to a real world reality is Anh - Alliance For A New Humanity.
Deepak Chopra is currently the President for Anh and author of The Third Jesus.

As one of many Anh's change agents, The Mythic Institute with the help of its Mythic Journeys events promises to connect humankind during these questionable times.


Yes, the world is rank with it. - Johnny

Obama Will Leave Israel In The Wind Touts The Right Reverend Jesse "HymieTown" Jackson - Remembering Billy Graham "Stranglehold" -Warren In The Wings

Jackson: Obama Will Lessen Zionist Clout

Barack Obama's entry into the White House will diminish the power of "Zionists who have controlled American policy for decades," Rev. Jesse Jackson told Iranian-born journalist Amir Taheri on the sidelines of the first World Policy Forum held in Evian, France last week.

Jesse Jackson.

Jesse Jackson.
Photo: AP [file]

Jackson said he was not tied to Obama in any official capacity and was speaking "just [as] a supporter."

In the New York Post interview, the reverend said Obama's election will "be a huge step in the direction we have wanted America to take for decades" regarding black grievances linked to memories of slavery. He said Obama's "thirst for justice" stems not from the influence of Marxist ideas but was "rooted in his black culture." The fact that Obama, of Kenyan extraction, was not the direct descendant of slaves had no consequence, Jackson said.

While Jackson emphasized that he had no connection to the policies Obama might adopt if elected, he did present some controversial judgments of the Bush administration's policies, calling the toppling of Saddam Hussein in Iraq "an illegal and unjust act." He also said the US would probably be bogged down in Iraq for a long time to come.

Regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Jackson said "Bush was so afraid of a snafu and of upsetting Israel that he gave the whole thing a miss, Barack will change that," Jackson said, because, as long as the Palestinians haven't seen justice, the Middle East will "remain a source of danger to us all."

Click here For Entire Jerusalem Post Article


What Would

"Americas Future Presidential Pastor

Rick Warren"

Say About Jesse's Comments or Even The Right Reverend Billy Graham's 72' Anti-Semitic Jewish "Stranglehold" Comments With Nixon?

I Guess Rick Would Say,

"Everything Is NOT What It Seems" ;) - Johnny

Rense's Take On Nixon/Graham Conversation

Rick Warren America's Pastor

The Global Ambition Of Rick Warren

Monday, October 13, 2008

Orthodox Judaism and Israel Will Not Suffer Current Economic Meltdown - Hhhhmm

Economic Meltdown Will Boost Religion's Stock

Organized religion too often is as much about tribalism as it is spiritual advancement. And when times are tough and insecurities mount, as they are today, more people tend to view tribalism - be it identification with clan, nation or religion - as an appealing safe haven. So look for the current economic meltdown to boost religion's stock worldwide.

As a species, humans are no more secure than the rabbit that turns tail at the snapping of a twig. Blame it on death, or, to be more precise, the fear of death.


After cancelling his Washington trip, Governor of the Bank of Israel Stanley Fischer actually sounds reassuring about Israel's banks and the economy, in a special interview.

Eran Peer, Avi Temkin and Ron Stein

Friday, October 10, 2008

Act 2: Citigroup Getting Ready To Go Down, My Brothers!



Their pledge that although they are not seeking an injunction they intend to sue Wells Fargo and Wachovia "on behalf of shareholders"means the shareholders are going to take the fall. If you thought today -- when short selling came back -- was bad...

Citigroup's demise may not happen tomorrow but here's a clue. I tried to acess this story at the Reuters news site one minute after it was published at 6:06 PM EDT. The story was getting so much traffic that it took me two minutes to get a download and another two minutes to save it. The sell orders, shorts and puts must be flying off the screens at breathtaking numbers. Make money on the way up; make money on the way down.

All spotlights are turning to Citigroup. The perception that it may fail is already out there like fresh blood in the water. How much time they have is unknown but I'm convinced they're going down.

Like I said, this will remove all traces of hope. A real, global capaitulation in the Dow 5000s is now possible. I don't know anymore whether it would be better in the five or six thousands. But if we don't get down there, the capitulation hasn't happened yet.

Look, if you haven't got the nerve or skill to talk about Rubicon orFTW, then at least just go out and tell people that there's a guy, backed up by many wonderful people including the magnificent Jenna Orkin, who is predicting things with scary accuracy. He's been doing it for years. Citigroup is easy, quick proof. Go back and look at when I predicted this. You will be helping people and the more we help, the sooner -- the better prepared we are to start building a new post-petroleum/post industrial economy.

Just send them to the blog. They can find FTW and Rubicon from there.


Citi ends talks with Wells Fargo on Wachovia

World Bank, Under Robert Zoellick, Hacker Attempts For A Year Adds To Fear

World Bank Under Cyber Siege in 'Unprecedented Crisis'

Friday, October 10, 2008

The World Bank Group's computer network — one of the largest repositories of sensitive data about the economies of every nation — has been raided repeatedly by outsiders for more than a year, FOX News has learned.

It is still not known how much information was stolen. But sources inside the bank confirm that servers in the institution's highly-restricted treasury unit were deeply penetrated with spy software last April. Invaders also had full access to the rest of the bank's network for nearly a month in June and July.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Germans Stockpiling Gold Amid Market Panic

Gold dealers can't keep up with the demand

German gold dealers have stopped taking new orders for the precious metal as demand has skyrocketed. Gold is seen as a safe investment during the market turmoil.

In uncertain economic times, Germans are dumping stocks and shares to take refuge in precious metal, accoring to a Wednesday article in a Berlin newspaper.

German gold dealers report running low on stocks of gold bars and coins.

Heiko Ganss, head of the Berlin branch of gold merchant Pro Aurum, told the Berliner Zeitung newspaper that most gold traders were refusing new orders, as they couldn't meet the current demand.

"Demand is running well above our capacity to supply," he was quoted saying, saying retail banks in Germany were also unable to meet demand.

Banking Wars Of Global Governance: Banking With Hitler

Part 1

Part 2

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Part 5

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The #1 Reason To Say No To Global Governance: Global Central Bank Corruption, Fraud And Abuse With No Accountability

As Catherine Austin Fitts Has Said, Echoed By Michael Ruppert, Aaron Russo, Ron Paul, Myself and Others, Until America Changes The Way Money Works, You CHANGE Nothing! Abolishing The Federal Reserve Is How You Cut The Head Off This Beast! There's Still Time. Start Asking Them The Right Questions! - Johnny


Global Financial Crisis: Does The World Need A New Banking 'Policeman'?

With war raging across the globe in July 1944, ministers from all 44 Allied nations met at the imposing Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, to thrash out a set of rules that would govern world finance once Hitler was defeated.

Knowing that greater international trade would help to prevent future wars, and determined to avoid another Great Depression, the delegates signed the Bretton Woods Agreements, creating the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. It was a big vision, driven by grand historical figures: Winston Churchill, Franklin D Roosevelt and the British economist John Maynard Keynes.

But a system that was designed 64 years ago has, not surprisingly, proved ill equipped to deal with the fiendishly complex practices of 21st-century banking that led to the current worldwide crisis.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

De-Polarizing The Polarized

CYNTHIA MCKINNEY GETS HIP HOP VOTE. Young independent voter switching from Obama to McKinney.

What A Hypocrite! A Brood Of Vipers Jesus Called Them! Sitting In His Lavished Palace Of Treasures! Vatican Gold Condemns Banks! Ha!

Pope Benedict XVI, seen, during the works of a meeting of 253 bishops at the Vatican. Photograph: Gregorio Borgia/AP




Pope Benedict has passed his own judgment on the economic crisis, suggesting that the global financial system is built "on sand".

"Whoever builds his life on this reality, on material things, on success ... builds (his house) on sand. Only the word of God is the foundation of all reality," he said yesterday, according to Reuters.

The pontiff added: ''We are now seeing, in the collapse of major banks, that money vanishes, it is nothing. All these things that appear to be real are in fact secondary. Only God's words are a solid reality'.'

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Monday, October 6, 2008

The Shadow Market Finally Revealed on Primetime

Arcane Maybe, But Definitely The Lovely Centerpiece Of The Robber Barons Banquet Table.

Its been a long, long, time coming for us that stood as a lone voice in the wilderness as to what was really taking place since 9-11. Many of our Christian family scoffed at such conspiratorial ideas and even mocked us to the point where we were no longer taking serious. But not anymore. No, we're being taken serious now. Those that were forewarned are listening to us now. - Johnny

A Look At Wall Street's Shadow Market

60 Minutes: How Some Arcane Wall Street Financial Instruments Magnified Economic Crisis

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Israel US EU Human Rights Triangle VS. Islam. Thesis + Anti-Thesis = US Muslim Engagement

As Michael Hoffman has noted:

"Laws Protecting "Holocaust" lore are sacrosanct (see the "Toben case," below)

But laws protecting Islam are the subject of protest by the US and Europe because they "stifle free speech": --"The Bush administration, European governments and advocates of freedom of speech are ramping up efforts to counter what they see as a campaign by Muslim countries to suppress speech about religion, especially Islam."
The campaign by Zionist countries to stifle free speech about "The Holocaust" is not an issue for Bush or the self-righteous European governments. The old Talmudic double-standard haunts and corrodes the marketplace of ideas".

And, at the same time, we are being led from this struggle (Thesis + Anti-Thesis) into a new paradigm.
The solution?

Enters the U.S. Muslim Engagement.

U.S.-Muslim Engagement Seen As Key To Security, Prosperity

- Johnny

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Say "No" To The Big "Do Over" : Continue To Call Your Reps

U.S. NATIONAL DEBT CLOCK The Outstanding Public Debt as of 02 Oct 2008 at 01:46:05 PM GMT is:
$ 1 0 , 0 2 9 , 3 0 4 , 4 8 8 , 9 5 2 . 3 8

"...massive lending institutions and banks have been caught with cooked books and gross mismanagement, the American people must bail them out to "recapitalize," reward incompetence and perhaps even criminal activity"

Devvy The Dynamite Red Head Nails It Again!