Thursday, January 28, 2010

Israel Calls UN Gaza Report 'Anti-Semitic'

Israelis Play Race Card In UN Goldstone Report

JERUSALEM — A UN report on Israel's 22-day offensive against Hamas-controlled Gaza is anti-Semitic, an Israeli government minister said, as the Jewish state prepares to formally respond to its allegations of war crimes...

Israel has sought to discredit the UN report since its release in September, denouncing it as anti-Semitic even though its lead author, South African judge and international war crimes prosecutor Richard Goldstone, is Jewish.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

The Colossal Affront To Zionism Lands Worldwide: Post Zionist Tel Aviv Professor Shlomo Sand Archives Modern Israel As Political Enterprise

Shlomo Sand: 'I wrote the book against Jewish essentialism.' Photograph: Olivia Grabowski-West

Shlomo Sand is not an enemy of the "Jews". Rather an enemy to the Pharisaic Spirit of Orthodox Judaism. With its tragic finality, as documented by other historical political state enterprises, on course to reach its peak, Shlomo Sand's worldwide tsunami bestseller, "The Invention Of The Jewish People" breaks the religious myth and legend of Zionism and the modern state of "Israel." Pro-Zionist campaign suffers its most lethal blow. Guardian UK reports.

Shlomo Sand: An Enemy Of The Jewish People?

'Post-Zionist' Shlomo Sand has outraged many Jews by disputing the ethnic basis of Jewish identity. Rafael Behr meets him in Paris

Shlomo Sand presses his thumbs together, palms outward, fingers stretching up like the branches of a candelabra. "If you can visualise it…" The air above our table is meant to be the Mediterranean region shortly after the birth of Christ. Sand's hands are rival monotheistic cults.

"There are two kinds of Judaism: Christianity and a kind of Judaism that starts to close in on itself because of the success of Christianity." The hands drift apart. The fingers on the right withdraw into a fist. "The vision that we have of Judaism today came out of this closedness, because of fear; because of the conditions imposed on Judaism if it was to continue under Christianity."

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Apostasy: Zionist Khazars & Charlemagne's Pontiff Rocks The Synagogue Of Satan With Real Politik

Kabbalistic dreams and Crusading horseman fill the air as the Zionist State relishes the Hybrid Wheat of Christendom's penitent oratory...who was watching?...apparently...only the Judaics - Johnny

At Pope's Trip to Rome Synagogue, Press Misses the Story

ROME -- Just as the massive TV trucks parked around Rome's synagogue obscured the sight of one of the city's most beautiful buildings, so too have news reports obscured the real importance of the pope's visit to the Jewish community here.

Late Sunday afternoon, Pope Benedict XVI made the short trip across the Tiber River to the Great Synagogue of Rome, located on the site of the former Jewish ghetto. The weather was chilly, but the greetings just the opposite.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Apostasy: Orthodox Judaism Missed The Israeli Savior "The Harem Messiah" In Tel Aviv?

Photo: Ofer Amram

'Israel's Fritzl' Arrested on Charges of Incest, Sex Abuse

Residents of Tel Aviv’s quiet Hatikva neighborhood were shocked yesterday to discover a self-styled Jewish sage living in their midst with a harem of 30 women kept as "slaves" in squalid apartments.

Goel Ratzon, 60, is accused of fathering 37 children since 1993 with his "wives" and daughters. Ratzon, who was dubbed by the local media as "Israel’s Josef Fritzl," is under arrest on suspicion of incest and sexual abuse.

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Israeli police arrest harem 'messiah' Goel Ratzon

• Jewish sage alleged to control cult of at least 17 women
• Disciplinarian believed to have fathered dozens of children

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Israel’s ‘Harem Messiah’

CAIRO – Branded as “Harem Messiah”, a self-styled Jewish sage has been arrested for a list of criminal charges, including enslavement, sexual abuse and rape, reported Haaretz Friday, January 15.

“Goel Ratzon is accused of crimes which range from holding women in enslavement, rape, extortion, and indecent acts against minors," Tel Aviv District Court said.

“It suffices to look at the evidence presented thus far in order to understand the picture that emerges of a man who physically and psychologically took control of women who live in his domicile and children who live with those same women.”

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The New Age Pope: Modernist Rome Is Ready To Govern A Green World

The Pope said that to cultivate peace, one must protect creation

Pope Benedict XVI Lambasts Copenhagen Failure

By David Willey
BBC News, Rome

The Pope has criticised the failure by world leaders to agree to a new climate change treaty in Copenhagen last month.

He told nearly 100 ambassadors accredited to the Vatican that world leaders had a continuing responsibility towards preserving God's creation.

He criticised the "economic and political resistance" to fighting environmental degradation and creating a new climate treaty at Copenhagen.

Benedict XVI was speaking in his annual talk to the Vatican diplomatic corps.

December's summit in Denmark failed to create a successor to the 1997 Kyoto Protocol.

The Pope said the issue was particularly critical for island nations, and also for the African continent where the battle for resources and increasing desertification has led to armed conflicts.

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Pope Emerges As New Climate Leader

Wed, Jan 13 2010 at 6:38 PM EST

Pope Benedict XVI is turning out to be one of the greatest advocates for climate regulation. A new statement from the Vatican.

Who do you think will emerge as the greatest climate hero of 2010? Al Gore? Robert Kennedy? Van Jones? Guess again... it's the Pope.

Though he has condemned those hippy nature-worshipping Avatar fans, Pope Benedict XVI has been quietly advocating for a healthier, greener lifestyle. Until now, his recommendations have been far from political but in a statement he made this week at an annual address to Vatican officials, the Pope is unleashing some shock and awe of the Catholic variety.

The Pope admonished world leaders for their failure to reach an agreement in Copenhagen. He also stated that the "self-centered and materialistic" motives which caused the economic meltdown could result in an environmental meltdown:

Was it not easy to see the great harm which an economic system lacking any reference to the truth about man had done not only to the dignity and freedom of individuals and peoples, but to nature itself, by polluting soil, water and air?

With the climate denial machine continuing in full swing and a climate advocacy movement left in tatters in the wake of Copenhagen, the Pope has brought a ray of light to what looks like a dark and gloomy climate battle ahead. When you shepherd a flock of close to a quarter of the world's population, your pronouncements will be heard far and wide, echoing from the halls of St. Petersburg to Capitol Hill.

Monday, January 11, 2010

McChrystal: I Think Afghanistan Leaders Of The Insurgency Like Osama bin Laden Need To Be Brought To Justice

General Stanley McChrystal, 55, is the top US and NATO commander in Afghanistan.

SPIEGEL Interview with General Stanley McChrystal

'Killing the Enemy Is Not The Best Route to Success'

SPIEGEL: What was the key to locating al-Zarqawi and Saddam Hussein at that time? And what can we learn from that regarding Osama bin Laden who, after eight years, has still not been caught?

McChrystal: Operations like that are very similar to police work. It is intelligence, it is very, very good analysis and at the end of the day it is persistence, it is staying with it. Someone like Osama bin Laden clearly feels that if he surfaces he is likely to be arrested or killed. So just the hunting has a certain good effect. As you remember, we found Saddam Hussein in a hole in the ground. He was not leading a resistance from that hole.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Pope's Upcoming Synagogue Visit Will Have To Shake Off Steps Toward Pius XXII Sainthood & Holocaust Denial

Tensions Linger as Pope Readies for Synagogue Visit

Friday January 8, 2010

VATICAN CITY (RNS) When Pope Benedict XVI visits Rome's main synagogue next Sunday (Jan. 17) to mark Italy's 21st annual Day of Jewish-Christian Reflection, the setting alone will reflect a momentous event in Jewish-Catholic relations.

The Great Synagogue of Rome stands inside the city's former Jewish ghetto, where for centuries (from 1555 to 1870) Rome's Jews lived behind locked gates and were treated as pariahs by orders of the Vatican.

In going there now, Benedict follows in the footsteps of his predecessor Pope John Paul II, whose 1986 visit was the first time a pope had entered a Jewish house of worship since the early centuries of Christianity.

Benedict's repeat visit represents the "institutionalization" of John Paul's historic overture, setting a precedent that "will be very hard for any successor to ignore," said Rabbi David Rosen, director of interreligious affairs for the American Jewish Committee.

Still, Benedict's visit also comes at a moment of heightened tension between Jews and the Catholic Church. Several recent controversies have raised doubts -- which Rosen calls "unjustified" -- about Benedict's commitment to strong relations between the two faiths.

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Pope Continues Clarion AoC Call Of Christians And Muslims To End Religious Violence And Conflict

With 1 Million Protestants, 1 Million Catholics And 1.3 Million Muslims, Pope Urges Christian-Muslim Dialogue

"During his trip to the Holy Land in May 2009, the pope expressed his ''profound respect for the Muslim community'' and called on an ''alliance of civilizations'' to end religious violence and conflict."


Vatican City, Italy, (ANSA): Closer dialogue between Christians and Muslims is the best way to foster peace and promote trust, Pope Benedict XVI said on Thursday.

Receiving Ankara's new ambassador to the Holy See, Kenan Gursoy, the pontiff stressed the need for the Catholic Church ''to forge ahead with inter-faith dialogue in a spirit of mutual respect and friendship''. He recalled his own visit to Turkey in 2006, ''the first papal visit to a Muslim-majority country'', saying he was delighted at the opportunity to express his ''high regard for Muslims''.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Du bist Terrorist! - Du bist Deutschland

Du bist Terrorist!

Eine Kampagne gegen Terroristen.

Du bist Terrorist (You are a Terrorist) english subtitles from alexanderlehmann on Vimeo.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Where Are The Deutschmarks? No One Is Saying

Billions Of D-Marks STILL Not Cashed In

Billions of German deutschmarks have yet to be changed into Euros. Deutsche Welle tried to find out what has happened to the missing money and asked experts what can be done about these dead reserves.

A bag of chocolate deutschmarks was just one of the odd products that I glimpsed on sale at a UK airport this Christmas. With no time to check the best before date, I was left wondering whether this was a sign of the ultimate devaluation of the once mighty D-mark, or just very poor stock management.

Much stranger still is that eight years after euro notes and coins went into circulation here in Germany, a staggering 13.6 billion deutschmarks are yet to be traded in. That is the equivalent to almost seven billion euros - or some 175 euros for every German household.

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