Thursday, September 6, 2012

Global Governance Judaism Pt 9: The Phoenix Of Global Governance Widens Its Span Over Secret Babylons Fire To Ash To Flight Of Fire

To complete its deception over the majority, compartmentalized Global Initiatives, Global Networks and Global Faiths will baptize itself holy and democratic. A just perception in an unjust confused society can only feel right, so, the process of fire to ash to flight of fire will be unnoticed, unchallenged and damned.

Its Babylonian roots, future, present and past collides instantaneously with the greater road to peace and the Nation building of Israel and the Babylonian Talmud. Shall we call ourselves Gods, apparently the priests and prophets stand quietly and an anti-elect choose the highest of Babel sirens to declare, Yes, we are Gods to the greater consciousness.

Only biblical European values can smother this beast.
Only biblical American faith can capture this creature.
And only those biblical foundations of the remnants that see the signs on their watch might be able to save themselves from the dreadful judgment to befall mankind.

When the surprise of the Jerusalem Old City Initiative burns the swords of Middle East wars a Nobel Peace Prize and or Charlemagne award recepient… 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Global Governance Judaism Pt 8: Statistical Dynamics Inside The Babylonian Talmudic Arts of Micro Vortextual Gateways And Planes

Simply put…these are Corruptible Chasms and Desolate Valleys, easily identifiable – they are anti-Jesus Christ.

Technically…they are Ultra-Dimensional De-Creations And Congruent Pre-Summations 
Of Babylonian Geometric Forces, Vacuums and Entrances into the Worlds of Luciferic Fallen Angels and their Unheavenly Fathoms.

Global Governance is a great vortex, that is, speaking from an abyssmical dimension, with portals into the political, the financial and of course spiritual. Its demonic conscious unfortunately cannot deceive itself into believing it can hide …

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Global Governance Judaism Pt 7: Zionism Parts The Sea of World Peace As EU/NATO/Israeli Triangle Black Op’s Creates Energy Chaos In Middle East

Today’s Zionism has its Moses parting the energy sea of peace. Seeking zero by subtracting zero, The Trust has exponentially unsquared the circle in the negative.

The Trust has accidentally created its own vacuum of non-globalism views with its recent call for virtual Syrian human genocide, Judaic bribery and blackmail supremacy life milestone, mighty Ishtarian Rabbinical grave worship and the Khazari Zionist Orwellian propaganda machine of laughter.

Global Governance is back stepping over itself to regain lost ground with recent opposing developments towards its 21st Century Great Game of owls, magicians and luciferians. Not even the fairies of human rights have been able to hold their ground amid False Arab Spring Revolutions led in part by European Union vipers, Mossad stumblebums and NATO mind-slurpee goyims.

Towards A New Global Governance are grey shadows and misty whispers in Brussels and Brookings...

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

GLOBAL GOVERNANCE JUDAISM PT 6: Global Unified Belief System Established Under Safed, Israel Kabbalah Fused Mysticism/Spritualism BA Degree

Jesus The Mystic Kabbalist Revealed?
The notorious gentile hating Kabbalistic doctrines of Judaic Rabbi Isaac (AKA Yitzhak) Luria turns a 180 degree, mmmmmmmmm, kind of, but not really. All spiritually encompassing Lurianic Kabbalah sets precedent in Israel with the accredited embrace of the Global Unified Belief System. This is not a BA Degree in the New Age Movement, nor a BA Degree in Native American Indian Shamanism, Indian Mythology, Sufism, Hinduism, Buddhism or Zen philosophy. This IS what this office has been preparing our readers and subscribers for, a Judaic BA in all things considered Mystic and Spiritist. This IS The Official Global Unified Belief System escorted by Kabbalah. 
Let Us Welcome All Babylon Alumni to Spiritualversity!
Contemptualized and synergized, Lurianic Kabbalahhas grasped the essence of the upcoming Global Unified Belief System byoffering in its Chabad Lubavitch capital of Kabbalah, an academic accrediteddegree in Mysticism and Spirituality, with Christianity as an understudy? This broad road allowed passable by kabbalah academia and the aura essentials of Lurianic Kabbalah in none other than Safed, Israel, just north of the Sea of Galilee, will be Zefat Academic College's hottest BA program in the upcoming Fall semester, guaranteed. The timing for the end of Zionism and the beginning for Global Unified Belief Systems is perfection.
Again, for the future Global Governance, there is no New Age Movement, Native American Indian Shamanism, Indian Mythology, Sufisim, Hinduism, or Zen philosophy. There is only the Global Unified Belief System. 
Global Governance can now sojourn and find Common Ground embraced by Kabbalistic Tantric Sex Magick to the Spirit of Cain while strolling the bone yards, grave yards and crypt yards of mazes, sages and twilight rages with Haifi priestess witchery leading the way.
And of course, Judaism's most historical nemesis, Jesus Christ and his followers, have been mutated into the Global Mystics that will one day assist, according to the Kabbalah of Luria, in the revealing of the "true Messiah" in none other than Safed, Israel, near Galilee. This Mystic Anti Messiah will channel more than just walking on water.
How will the future remember Bill Clinton's Holy Sites Initiative with the University of Windsor Canada's Jerusalem Old City Initiative? How will the future see the underlying spiritualversity cornerstone in Jerusalem's final Global Governance worship Temple? Can we see another secret society Charlamagne award given...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Global Governance Judaism Pt 5: Zionism Born August 29, 1897 Died April 25, 2012

Depiction Of A Flock Of Dark Grey Crows Ill Visit At This Years Israel Independence Day 2012

Only omens can say,

Only talismans can tell,

The feathered crow of flight

Bids Zionism farewell

The writing on the wall was evident as Gideon Levy astutely scribed in the Haaretz that after 115 years its time for Zionism to Retire.  "The national liberation movement's time came and went. Now we have a state. Neither good citizenship nor misdeeds have anything to do with Zionism anymore...On the eve of Independence Day this week, a flock of dark gray crows hovered over Nahal Lakhish in the Ad Halom Park in southern Israel. Ad Halom means "until here," and that's where the Egyptian army was stopped in the summer of 1948. Here the State of Israel was saved, about two weeks after its establishment. "All of us are tired. The Egyptians are in Ashdod but they may advance on Tel Aviv if we do not stop them. Despite the exhaustion and for the sake of our families, we will also go out tonight," commander Aryeh Kotzer told his company shortly before he was killed."

Israeli Nationalsts are also aware of Zionisms death and was not only seen by Levy but also by the Rolling Stone's review of The Crisis of Zionism.

Is there a feeling of Post-Zionism sensed from the Occupy Israel movements recent rages against the machine ? Will America media continue to non report its protests?

Perhaps we see now why Netanyahu has haphazardly formed the new "Unity" government after all Zionism is not racist, but Zionists can be racists?

Will Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama with Germany unveil the Jerusalem Old City Initiative, for a world seeking Unity? Only the European Unions recent talks of a new "Mr. Europe" entering stage right and ...

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Global Governance Judaism Pt 4: NATO's Imminent Collapse/Self-Re-Invention Gasps Its Last Breath As Mr. Europe/Dr. Strangelove Garners Christian Zionist Apocalypse Support

Europe-NATO-Israel Triangle Rebel Arab Spring Uniform?

Downplayed as just a “precarious” moment in NATO's military campaign, even if Noah, Job or Daniel were around, they would only save themselves and NATO would surely wither away. But at the Brookings Institution upcoming Friday The Thirteenth event “Europe's Eastern Frontiers: A Conversation With Javier Solana”, Strobe Talbott is banking heavily on “Mr. Europe” to SAVE NATO, or at least muster some kind of relevance of “Being There.”

As greater peace activists numbers increase and continue to voice “NATO Game Over!” as per the recent Brussels Belgium arrests, Transatlanticism via such groups like the Atlantic Council's Harlan Ullman will try to find some “Dr. Strangelove, Israel And Iran” relevance.

Indeed his Chabad Lubavitch/Christian Zionist linked article “Three Horsemen Of The New Apocalypse” at the Battalion of Deborah site strengthens the “Europe-NATO-Israel Triangle Rebel Arab Spring Revolutions” from Egypt to Libya to Afghanistan to Russia to Syria to Iran ad nauseam.

So we ask Elijah's chair at this weeks seder, “How Kosher is NATO?”


Silence fills the room.

Then a rush of BBQ lamb and red garlicky potatoes...

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Navigating The Anthropocene: Improving Earth System Governance - Global Governance Sub-Systems To Be Assembled

Stronger global governance is needed to mitigate human impact on the earth’s climate and to ensure sustainable development, according to 32 scientists who published a paper in Friday’s issue of the journal Science.

In “Navigating the Anthropocene: Improving Earth System Governance,” (summary), the scholars argue that current institutions, including the United Nations, have shown themselves inadequate to the necessities now facing humanity...

Welcome at the website of the Earth System Governance Project.

The Earth System Governance Project is the largest social science research network in the area of governance and global environmental change. Our international research programme takes up the challenge of exploring political solutions and novel, more effective governance systems to cope with the current transitions in the biogeochemical systems of our planet. The normative context of our research is sustainable development: We see earth system governance not only as a question of governance effectiveness, but also as a challenge for political legitimacy and social justice.

Navigating The Anthropocene: Improving Earth System Governance


In an article published in Science on 16 March 2012, 32 leading governance experts from the Earth System Governance research alliance argue for a fundamental overhaul of global environmental governance.

They state that in order to reduce the risk of potential global environmental disaster, a “constitutional moment” is required, comparable in scale and importance to the reform of international governance that followed World War II.

Stark increases in natural disasters, food and water security problems and biodiversity loss are just part of the evidence that humanity may be crossing planetary boundaries and approaching dangerous tipping points. A more effective environmental governance system needs to be instituted soon, according to the article.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Global Governance Transfer Of Sovereignty - Whose Sovereignty? By Javier Solana De Madariaga...Certainly No Ones Anymore

Athena Rebirth

Whose Sovereignty?

MADRID – Despite the huge sums expended to write down Greece’s foreign debt, there has been an outcry ofcensure against “interference” with the country’s national sovereignty. True, in exchange for considerable European aid, Greece’s ability to maneuver independently will be limited. But are complaints that Greek sovereignty has been severely impaired justified?

The idea of a nation-state’s sovereignty is rooted in the seventeenth-century Treaty of Westphalia, which embraced non-interference by external agents in states’ domestic affairs as the guiding principle of international relations. But, taken to its logical extreme, national sovereignty would require the complete physical and social isolation of states from one another. Indeed, an excessive emphasis on national sovereignty leads to serious problems: after all, any international agreement, whether political or economic, entails a certain transfer of sovereignty....

Indeed, the dynamics of interdependence have become well established – so much so that they cannot be reversed. To adhere to a narrow Westphalian concept of sovereignty in this world is an unwise anachronism at best, and a dangerous gamble at worst.

The poet Jose Angel Valente might call this a desire “…to wait for History to wind the clocks and return us to the time in which we would wish everything could start.” But, in the prosaic world of the here and now, the concept of sovereignty has already moved on.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Global Governance Judaism Pt 3 The Judaization Of Jerusalem And The NSHGZ, Drew Barrymore

The Unknown God of Israel

There are no mysteries anymore in regards to the Two Babylons, America and Rabbinism/Judaism/ Zionism, since Netanyahu himself confers to the world that “Under Israeli sovereignty, Jerusalem will continue to be open to members of all faiths. There is complete freedom of worship for everyone and Israel will continue to devotedly protect the holy places of all religions.”

Today's Apostle Pauls' are looking in amazement as history continues to repeat itself. The “Unknown God” syndrome continues, yet this time not in a foreign country, but in his own beloved Israel.

Where are the true watchmen?

Christian Zionist oafs continue to play into the hands of the illusion of Global Governance and the Global Unified Belief System.

And so as the “Judaization", e.g. world systems, deconstructs Christianity and the Christian Holy Sites of Jerusalem, so to do we see its fingers defaming gentile females.  Drew Barrymore's recent decision to convert ot Judaism is a case in point. Though unaware to her, according to Babylonian Talmud Sandhedrin 81b- 82a, she and ALL gentile females will forever be recognized in Judaism as an "NSHGZ", a Niddah, Shifchah, Goyyah and Zonah, e.g. a menstrual filth, slave, heathen, whore. But why should this surprise anyone about the true essence of rabbinism and its euphemistic liberal slap happy words of democracy and humanitarian cliches.

How many more pagan sites will turn into holy sites in Jerusalem, witchcraft, hinduism, buddhism, satanism, etc... Tribute to the Global Governance unknown god will be a great price for the majority and ...
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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Global Governance Agenda Collapses in Afghanistan and Syria - Germany Flees - True Essence of Khazari Zionism Revealed

A Bad Day For America In Iran, Syria And Afghanistan is what the headlines say.

No, this is a VERY BAD DAY for America, Germany, NATO, Orthodox Judaism, Khazari Judaism, Javier Solana, Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg, Hillary Clinton, Lawrence Summers, Prince Charles, Sustainable Development and the agenda of Global Governance.

Muslims Won't Get Fooled Again.

A Bad Day For America In Iran, Syria And Afghanistan

Tuesday Feb. 21 was a bad day for the U.S. in Iran, Syria, and Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan, protests against Americans who incinerated Korans at a military prison became so violent that Afghan police fired on protesters killing three people. The anger is widespread, and more than 30 people have been wounded in protests throughout the country.

Afghans are forming outside compounds filled with police, contractors, and coalition forces chanting "death to America." This will do nothing but hurt American forces still fighting there, and make continued operations there through 2014 more difficult...

Germans ditch Afghan base after Koran burning

Escalating unrest following the burning of the Koran by US soldiers has forced Germany to give up one of its Afghanistan bases earlier than planned.

After 300 protesters massed outside the German Taloqan base in northern Afghanistan, the commander withdrew the 50 troops to the larger Kunduz base camp 70 kilometres away, abandoning the camp around a month ahead of schedule.

A Bundeswehr spokesman said the troops had taken all military vehicles with them, but it remained unclear whether the soldiers would return at a later date to complete the clear-out. The relatively small camp is said to be difficult to secure, since it is in the middle of the town of Taloqan, capital of the Takhar province, with a population of 200,000.

State broadcaster ZDF reported that stones had been thrown at the camp, which was also attacked in May last year, when several people were shot dead. Taloqan is also the town where an Afghan police chief and two Bundeswehr soldiers were killed in an attack on the governor’s palace last year...

Monday, February 13, 2012

De-Programming Global Governance With Resurrected WWII World Domination B Movies Takes Flight With "Iron Sky"

Never mind the Transatlantic Relations of Munich and Washington.

Never mind the archaic monolith that NATO walks.

Never mind what the Berlin Film Festival smash "cult hit" will have you believe.

And, if the Brookings Institution along with its European "Foreign Correspondents" De-Programming Agents of the Trust and other secret societies will have you swallow, surely there is no Great Game for world control by an elect few.

So, take a Logan's Run to this years Austin South By Southwest youth beer and boob fest and be Zionist Khazari Programmed for Iranian Syrian Democratic Renewal in Sanctuary, Pisces, 2012.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Global Governance Judaism Pt 2: Belligerent Israel Hides Nuclear Arsenal Amid Calls For True Peace Davos Herzliya Munich Conferences Murmur

Barack Hussein Obama & Shimon Peres, AIPAC Award Next?

Global Governance Judaism Pt 2 keeps the torch of peace aflamed for the true little Churches of Philadelphia  amid those who call themselves Jews but are of the Synagogue of Satan's parlor games of booze, bets, bombs and boobs to wage more Zionist wars.

Did Davos poster enough the concerns of a Saudi Royals belief on Middle East Peace ?  "An influential member of the Saudi royal family warned Wednesday that unless the Middle East becomes a nuclear weapon-free zone, a nuclear arms race is inevitable and could include his own country, Iraq, Egypt and even Turkey...But it could also put Israel under sanctions if it doesn't come clean on its suspected nuclear arsenal...Israel is widely believed to have an arsenal of hundreds of nuclear weapons but has avoided confirming or denying their existence...An Arab proposal for a weapons of mass destruction-free zone was initially endorsed by the 1995 conference reviewing the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, but never acted on."

But AIPAC continues to puppetmaster Barack Hussein Obama with an upcoming award that will surely help his re-election campaign and continue to divide the Southern Black Caucus into the abyss of greed. And so we know that moneypolitics of the Trust is not moving in harmony with whats remaining of Mike King Jr's "I Have A Dream" as AIPAC, the AJC and the ADL's continual violatiion of the Justice Departments Foreign Agent Registration Act supports Malcolm X's predictions of the future, nothing will change.

But, with all of what happened at Davos and whats coming down the plumbing pipes of Herzliya and Munich's Security Conferences, other countries have already spoken against the Khazari Global Governance corruption in the Middle East. For instance South America says Yes to Iran and Hell No to the Unholyland of Israel. "Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, speaking in Managua after meeting Ahmadinejad, called for a Middle East free of nuclear weapons and branded Israel's nuclear program the main threat to the region's peace and stability."  So, how will the omens of the Khazars frighten...

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Global Governance Judaism Pt 1: The UnHoly Land And Its Jerusalem Prince

Global Governance Judaism Part 1 captures another glimpse on the Jerusalem Old City Initiative and its fallen Prince, Ehud Olmert, as he faces new indictments regarding the largest real estate scandal to hit the "Holy Land."

Can the University of Windsor Canada project save Jerusalem from the reality of its upcoming Global Governing events, Herzliya Conference 2012 leading us to Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg's and Javier Solana's stage entrance at this years Munich Security Conference?

One foot in prison and one foot back peddling towards Christian Zionist support, only Jerusalem can provide the link between ...

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