Friday, June 19, 2009

I Condemn Thee Holocaust Deniers Thus Reels The See

Pope Benedict XVI. Plans by a breakaway sect to ordain more than 20 men as priests have been condemned by the Vatican. Photographer: Tiziana Fabi/AFP

Vatican Defied Over Rebel Catholic Ordinations

• Society of St Pius X plans to ordain more than 20 men
• Holy See condemns 'illegitimate' ceremony

A rebel Catholic sect is defying the Vatican by pressing ahead with plans to ordain more than 20 men as priests and deacons.

The Society of St Pius X, which rose to notoriety this year when it emerged that one of its members, Richard Williamson, was a Holocaust denier, said it would proceed with this month's ordinations in Germany, Switzerland and the US in spite of the Vatican insisting they are "illegitimate".

A statement posted on an SSPX website questioned whether, in an era of plummeting numbers in the priesthood, the Vatican was wise in attempting to frustrate the ambitions of men who wished to serve the church.

It also denied the ordinations were intended as a snub to Benedict XVI, who plunged the church into crisis when he reversed the excommunication of Williamson and three other SSPX bishops.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Europe Leads Overhaul of Global Financial System

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Europe Leads Overhaul of Global Financial System
June 16, 2009 | From

The European Union is taking the lead in reforming the world’s financial system. The EU is the first power bloc to respond to calls for more regulation and is passing laws that will affect businesses around the world.

The Washington Post reported Saturday:

The Europeans are now out front, for instance, in setting strict new standards for rating agencies and risk management at firms selling mortgage-backed securities. Europe has also seized the initiative in developing new rules to monitor hedge funds while forging ahead this week with plans to create two new powerful regulatory agencies in Europe, according to analysts and regulators. …

The campaign across the Atlantic has global implications, in large part because even firms based in the United States may be compelled to follow Europe’s tougher rules. For instance, under a draft proposal issued by the European Commission, the ruling body of the 27-member European Union, U.S. hedge funds may have to subject themselves to tight European oversight or be barred from doing business with European clients.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hidden Enchantment Of Scripture: A Popes View

Evidence of the rabbinic influence on Pope Benedict

"...some hermeneutical consequences are derived regarding the way to interpret Scripture, which can indicate still today the just path for a correct reading of sacred Scripture. It is a matter, in fact, of discovering the meaning hidden in the sacred text..."

Benedict XVI
"On John Scotus Erigena"
Wednesday General Audience, June 10, 2009

Michael Hoffman's Pin Point Accuracy

Friday, June 5, 2009

Holocaustianity Is Subdued & Gullibile To Obama And Pope - Dresden Is Aflamed Once More - Michael Hoffman Reveals Parallels

Obama And Pope Quenches The Parched Thirst Of Churchianities Gullible And Blind. By not asking the Right Questions their blind alley's lead many to red herrings. Erinnern Sie sich an Dresden- Dresden - das Inferno. Johnny

Obama: Baseless, Ignorant And Hateful

By Michael Hoffman

We often tend to forget that "politician" is an old English word for whore. Some of us still cling to the hope that an American president will be an exception to that denotation. After eight years of the bloodthirsty simian secret society pharaoh George W. Bush, I figured that anybody would be an improvement.

Barrack Obama promised change and to some he seemed like the real McCoy, or rather the real Hussein: peace, prosperity, health care, and to top it off, justice in the Middle East.

Yesterday President Obama was in Egypt to give a "watershed" speech to the Muslim world that was intended to demonstrate that the long, dark night of Israeli hegemony over the United States had come to an end, and that America was initiating a new era marked by fairness to both sides.

Let's be real. Ending Israeli hegemony and being genuinely fair to the Arab nation of peoples which the Orthodox rabbis denominate as "Amalek," would require a revolutionary break with Holocaustianity, the universal, de facto state religion of the Western world.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Spirit Of Self Blinds Those To Never Connect The Dots

Self is that old rebellious fist that denied the prophets of old and Jesus Christ. It prevails in the young and old halls of Churchianity and blinds many from fully connecting the dots - Johnny

The Ugly Transition
Gen X to Gen Y

Ron FraserColumnist

June 1, 2009 | From

What will it take for the young generation to overcome its unparalleled selfishness?

Whatever happened to basic humility? Where did the experience of shame at wrongdoing disappear to? Indeed, to where did the whole concept of “wrongdoing” flee? Does anyone know what “self-effacement” means anymore? Whatever happened to the magnanimous, seemingly innate, desire of the Anglo-American peoples to give to the benefit of fellow man with the expectation of gaining little or nothing in return?

Now it’s all about self-actualization, pride in self, promotion of self, the glorification of narcissism. The outcome of the new creed, “When do we want it? We want it NOW,” is an ugly, unkempt, sloppy, self-indulgent, greedy, grasping, demanding generation of greatly ballooned egos. Generation Y has been raised by Generation X with not even a beginning concept of the self-sacrificing demeanor of the pioneering generations that built their lands into powerful nations, who sacrificed in blood to protect their freedoms and their kith and kin back home as they fought foreign enemies on far-away foreign soil.

The senior vice president of the global advertising agency jwt, Marian Salzman, said back in 2007, “Gen Y is the most difficult workforce I’ve ever encountered, because part of them are greatest-generation great and the other part are so self-indulgent as to be genuinely offensive to know, let alone supervise” (Christian Science Monitor, March 2, 2007).

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A very timely article for both in the church and out of the church- Johnny