Thursday, March 22, 2012

Navigating The Anthropocene: Improving Earth System Governance - Global Governance Sub-Systems To Be Assembled

Stronger global governance is needed to mitigate human impact on the earth’s climate and to ensure sustainable development, according to 32 scientists who published a paper in Friday’s issue of the journal Science.

In “Navigating the Anthropocene: Improving Earth System Governance,” (summary), the scholars argue that current institutions, including the United Nations, have shown themselves inadequate to the necessities now facing humanity...

Welcome at the website of the Earth System Governance Project.

The Earth System Governance Project is the largest social science research network in the area of governance and global environmental change. Our international research programme takes up the challenge of exploring political solutions and novel, more effective governance systems to cope with the current transitions in the biogeochemical systems of our planet. The normative context of our research is sustainable development: We see earth system governance not only as a question of governance effectiveness, but also as a challenge for political legitimacy and social justice.

Navigating The Anthropocene: Improving Earth System Governance


In an article published in Science on 16 March 2012, 32 leading governance experts from the Earth System Governance research alliance argue for a fundamental overhaul of global environmental governance.

They state that in order to reduce the risk of potential global environmental disaster, a “constitutional moment” is required, comparable in scale and importance to the reform of international governance that followed World War II.

Stark increases in natural disasters, food and water security problems and biodiversity loss are just part of the evidence that humanity may be crossing planetary boundaries and approaching dangerous tipping points. A more effective environmental governance system needs to be instituted soon, according to the article.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Global Governance Transfer Of Sovereignty - Whose Sovereignty? By Javier Solana De Madariaga...Certainly No Ones Anymore

Athena Rebirth

Whose Sovereignty?

MADRID – Despite the huge sums expended to write down Greece’s foreign debt, there has been an outcry ofcensure against “interference” with the country’s national sovereignty. True, in exchange for considerable European aid, Greece’s ability to maneuver independently will be limited. But are complaints that Greek sovereignty has been severely impaired justified?

The idea of a nation-state’s sovereignty is rooted in the seventeenth-century Treaty of Westphalia, which embraced non-interference by external agents in states’ domestic affairs as the guiding principle of international relations. But, taken to its logical extreme, national sovereignty would require the complete physical and social isolation of states from one another. Indeed, an excessive emphasis on national sovereignty leads to serious problems: after all, any international agreement, whether political or economic, entails a certain transfer of sovereignty....

Indeed, the dynamics of interdependence have become well established – so much so that they cannot be reversed. To adhere to a narrow Westphalian concept of sovereignty in this world is an unwise anachronism at best, and a dangerous gamble at worst.

The poet Jose Angel Valente might call this a desire “…to wait for History to wind the clocks and return us to the time in which we would wish everything could start.” But, in the prosaic world of the here and now, the concept of sovereignty has already moved on.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Global Governance Judaism Pt 3 The Judaization Of Jerusalem And The NSHGZ, Drew Barrymore

The Unknown God of Israel

There are no mysteries anymore in regards to the Two Babylons, America and Rabbinism/Judaism/ Zionism, since Netanyahu himself confers to the world that “Under Israeli sovereignty, Jerusalem will continue to be open to members of all faiths. There is complete freedom of worship for everyone and Israel will continue to devotedly protect the holy places of all religions.”

Today's Apostle Pauls' are looking in amazement as history continues to repeat itself. The “Unknown God” syndrome continues, yet this time not in a foreign country, but in his own beloved Israel.

Where are the true watchmen?

Christian Zionist oafs continue to play into the hands of the illusion of Global Governance and the Global Unified Belief System.

And so as the “Judaization", e.g. world systems, deconstructs Christianity and the Christian Holy Sites of Jerusalem, so to do we see its fingers defaming gentile females.  Drew Barrymore's recent decision to convert ot Judaism is a case in point. Though unaware to her, according to Babylonian Talmud Sandhedrin 81b- 82a, she and ALL gentile females will forever be recognized in Judaism as an "NSHGZ", a Niddah, Shifchah, Goyyah and Zonah, e.g. a menstrual filth, slave, heathen, whore. But why should this surprise anyone about the true essence of rabbinism and its euphemistic liberal slap happy words of democracy and humanitarian cliches.

How many more pagan sites will turn into holy sites in Jerusalem, witchcraft, hinduism, buddhism, satanism, etc... Tribute to the Global Governance unknown god will be a great price for the majority and ...
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