Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This Christmas Give Your Pastor "Global Governance Insight For 2010" - Subscribe Him Today!

Read and discern with others

51 Reasons Why Your Pastor Should Say No To Global Governance

The definitive global governance newsletter for your Pastor who needs insight in tomorrows new world governance.

Help your Pastor stay ahead of the curve of geopolitics to international relations, global unified beliefs systems and Geo-currencies.

When the right news needs to get in his hands...

When the right insight needs to be listened to...

When the right words need to convey simply and accurately...

Say No To Global Governance Newsletter cuts past and avoids the standard of dis informative news, pencil pointing and politically correct perspectives.

Global Governance is moving faster than your Pastor knows it.

Its time for him to understand the changing world...this holiday season give him the ultimate gift to help him lead tomorrow. Do it now!

P.S. To subscribe your Pastor for the Global Governance Newsletter, after you subscribe send a comment to this post with their name, Church Name and address. A confirmation letter will be mailed to both you and your Pastor. Thanks ;)

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