Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Global Governance Western Agenda Fails The Balkans - NATO Creates Poster Girl Angelina Jolie To Save Face For Javier Solana & Bill Clinton

SARAJEVO | Mon Oct 18, 2010 10:20am EDT

As the Balkans continue to fall into the mote of corruption and discontent its Euro democratic impotence is seeking help from the Khazari Wilderness of Hollywood.

And if there was not a more appropriate prop and mirror act to help the ill-received New Strategic Concept for NATO then it would have to be the big boobed, big lipped, pinup G.I. Seductress, Butt Kicking Prophetess, U.N. Humanitarian Queen of Heaven, Angelina Jolie in her latest movie endeavor which alleges the true and real travesty of Slobodan Milosovic's Serbian malice – Rape.

Whether exposing the Solomonic Ritual Mishna Sex Magic of Judaic Bathouses or the raping, pillaging and conquering of un-democratic lands, either technique portrayed on the silver screen is targeting its case for support in the battered human emotion ca-noggin and at the same time pleading just cause for the E.U. NATO ISRAEL Triangle New Strategic Concept which will issue in November their demands to the rest of the world, “Your Either With Us...Or Against Us...Get Out The Way...Here We Come.”

If only the humidor of Bill Clinton's cigars could speak or the Pantheistic Euro-Erotic Owl of Minerva meetings brought to light, then too, Javier Solana's ...

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