Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Global Governance Zionism Part 1

The January 2011 monthly newsletter premiers its 2011 main topic, The Europe-NATO-Israel Triangle.

If the upcoming 2011 Herzliya Conference is promoting transparency, accountability, and National Sovereignty among the Mediterranean States, then the myriad issues calling forth global governance, should be embraced and have a trustworthy impact worldwide.

But“Globalization without governance?”, the rally cry for the western transactors has failed to produce sufficient stability in this area. Will international development or new research into future programs through international institutions, political processes, organizations and other instruments influence the emerging system of Global Governmentality?

After all, in 2010 it was not a very good year for the global governance industry, right?

Crisis after crisis sprang forth Le Symbio'tic minds alike.

If it was not for the financial crisis pivoting from the private financial system to the sovereign financial system or the nicely bridged gap between academic and practitioner viewpoints on it, we certainly would not have a thriving yet creative demand curve for Cybersecurity in Central Europe which ...

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