Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Global Governance Zionism Pt 4: Chief Rabbi of The Jews Pleads Guilty To Money Laundering Regarding Global Human Organ Trafficking Arrests…

Chief Rabbi Of The Syrian Jews, Saul Kassin, Pleads Guilty.

Saul Kassin, 89, of Brooklyn pleaded guilty to money laundering in what many has written as the tip of the iceberg in a global human organ trafficking ring and political corruption.

Both the European Union, Israel and the U.S. have remained tight lipped along with those that have been charged but all sources indicate one of the major illegal global human organ trafficking rings has come to an end.

As Javier Solana’s NATO campaign winner of 1999, Kosovo too faces the harsh realities of their own Mayor, Hashim Thaci with charges of paid assassinations on rivals and human organ trafficking. Many doubt that E.U. democracy and human rights declarations exist in the old Yugoslav region.

The intricacies of international law gets disfigured in the surgery of Global Governance human rights as Ashton and Brussels cannot …

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