Saturday, November 12, 2011

Global Governance Zionism Pt 11: Crossing The Rubicon of The Jerusalem Old City Initative, Condi Rice Remembers

Global Governance Zionism Pt 11 interplays the workings of Javier Solana's recent apology for Ariel Sharon's death on Twitter and the name it and blame it of Condoleeza Rice's memoir "No Higher Honor: A Memoir Of My Years In Washington".

America's point of no return is hastily backstepping its foreign policy in attempt to regain an innocence of Middle East Peace passerby.

Clearly, as Condi's memoir recounts, everything was in play for peace in the Middle East, and yes, "JERUSALEM WAS TARGET ZERO".

No Atlantic Dr. Strangelove antics of Israeli nuclear warheads, but instead an ode to Clinton's Holy Sites Initatives and Judaism's Strange Gods as Michael Hoffman's current bestseller book has identified. This is all thats left in America's foreign policy grab bag at the county fair of world peace.

What will Javier Twitter witter next? Can Israel dismantle its nuclear arsenal in time or yet in step with Michael Bell's Jerusalem Old City Initative? Will the Holy Sites be Obama's...

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