Sunday, March 11, 2012

Global Governance Judaism Pt 3 The Judaization Of Jerusalem And The NSHGZ, Drew Barrymore

The Unknown God of Israel

There are no mysteries anymore in regards to the Two Babylons, America and Rabbinism/Judaism/ Zionism, since Netanyahu himself confers to the world that “Under Israeli sovereignty, Jerusalem will continue to be open to members of all faiths. There is complete freedom of worship for everyone and Israel will continue to devotedly protect the holy places of all religions.”

Today's Apostle Pauls' are looking in amazement as history continues to repeat itself. The “Unknown God” syndrome continues, yet this time not in a foreign country, but in his own beloved Israel.

Where are the true watchmen?

Christian Zionist oafs continue to play into the hands of the illusion of Global Governance and the Global Unified Belief System.

And so as the “Judaization", e.g. world systems, deconstructs Christianity and the Christian Holy Sites of Jerusalem, so to do we see its fingers defaming gentile females.  Drew Barrymore's recent decision to convert ot Judaism is a case in point. Though unaware to her, according to Babylonian Talmud Sandhedrin 81b- 82a, she and ALL gentile females will forever be recognized in Judaism as an "NSHGZ", a Niddah, Shifchah, Goyyah and Zonah, e.g. a menstrual filth, slave, heathen, whore. But why should this surprise anyone about the true essence of rabbinism and its euphemistic liberal slap happy words of democracy and humanitarian cliches.

How many more pagan sites will turn into holy sites in Jerusalem, witchcraft, hinduism, buddhism, satanism, etc... Tribute to the Global Governance unknown god will be a great price for the majority and ...
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