Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Global Governance Judaism Pt 8: Statistical Dynamics Inside The Babylonian Talmudic Arts of Micro Vortextual Gateways And Planes

Simply put…these are Corruptible Chasms and Desolate Valleys, easily identifiable – they are anti-Jesus Christ.

Technically…they are Ultra-Dimensional De-Creations And Congruent Pre-Summations 
Of Babylonian Geometric Forces, Vacuums and Entrances into the Worlds of Luciferic Fallen Angels and their Unheavenly Fathoms.

Global Governance is a great vortex, that is, speaking from an abyssmical dimension, with portals into the political, the financial and of course spiritual. Its demonic conscious unfortunately cannot deceive itself into believing it can hide …

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