Friday, December 7, 2007

The Europe-NATO-Israel Triangle - Historical Transformation In Plain Sight

NATO Headquarters Brussells

Take note that an historical transformation continues to build for the Europe-NATO-Israel Triangle.

As Condoleeza Rice visits NATO Headquarters in Brussells, Rice's intenerary and topics confirms that the transformation of NATO is being maneuvered with the highest protocols in plain sight and how this will continue being an important factor in determining who will implement through law and action war against all others.

The Middle East, Russia, Kosovo, Iran and the CFE Treaty will be discussed, "Rice's two days of meetings here include talks with EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana, NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni".

Ah yes, our German friends whose "excellent relations with Iran" as researcher Farmer has noted is ready and "is qualified to play an effective role to establish peace in the world" as the Saudi Arabian King Abdullah has said.

Nonetheless the Israeli government continues to dictate it's own non-member relations with NATO with a new agreement signing a memorandum of understanding on logistic support cooperation with NATO agency, NAMSA.

As our previous articles have stated the Old NATO is out and the New NATO is in, such as the consideration of a NATO SUPER ENVOY to handle the problem of Afghanistan. NATO alliance spokesman James Appathurai says, "Allies believe there is a need for greater coordination across the spectrum".

Can anybody say, SUPER COLOSSAL FRAGILISTIC GLOBAL POLICE APPARATUS? Or just say Transformed NATO because they are coming to a town near YOU.

If Charles Kupchan, the senior fellow for European Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, says is true then you better get ready for a Fallout from Javier's 99' campaign in the Balkans,

"The distance between Belgrade and Pristina is huge. It has not closed since the very beginning, and there is not a prospect of a compromise from either side. In that sense I fear we are looking at situation where there will be a major rift between Moscow and Washington and Moscow and the European Union...

Kupchan says Kosovo's independence, which would be monitored by the international community, appears inevitable. But he says western countries must be prepared for the fallout...

Kupchan says the international community should be ready to act decisively - including putting more riot police on the ground and allowing flexibility among the NATO troops already there".

As NATO prepares for the Kosovo violence and the awakening Russian Bear the emergence of a New NATO, EU and Israeli alliance will surely morph into it's maxim by the NATO Summit of 2009.

The UN will continue it's humankind relational posturing alongside of the changing law and seasons of the New EU Empire.

This is where we are today.
Sifting through the news for you.

BUT WAIT********************
This just in 9:18 a.m CST USA

Dec. 7: U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at the NATO meeting in Brussels

Russia and China Ignores Iran Issue at NATO Brussells Meeting.

Although the P5+1 Group
Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States — plus Germany were pressured into sanctions against Iran, China and Russia ignores them.

Rice met Livni and both believe a military strike against Iran is still on the table.

"There is no military element in their (Iran's) nuclear program", says Lavrov.


Kera said...

Hi Johnny,

It makes me think about how close we are to the "latter days". Reading how everything is shifting toward prophetic possibilities. It is interesting how NATO is shifting and who is aligning with who. A lot has happened with Russia in one month truly living up to their persona "Bear". Russia's moves to claim resources this year really falls in line with Gog and Magog - claiming and grabbing what they can to stay strong and survive.

This article has made me read back through Ezk 38 & 39 and in reading it I remembered what God says in His word that nothing happens unless He allows it to happen. He even says in 38:10-11 when the men will start thinking evil thoughts towards His land. I take comfort in knowing and trusting in the One who is fully in control of everything.

These aligning countries have only comfort in themselves and are motivated by power, greed, and fear. Some of the spirits that make this world go round.

Thank you for the thought provoking article.


Rudi said...

Another, as Kera says, "thought provoking" article Johnny. So greatful to you, bjorn, Constance, Rich and others who are keeping us "tuned in" with all this pertinent information. -Rudi

johnny said...

Thanks Kera and Rudi!

Great to hear your thoughts and ideas.

I'm glad that others are seeing things from other angles also.

Definitely allows us to give one another and those reading a wider lens view to the bigger picture.