Friday, November 9, 2007

Arab Peace Initiative Strengthened By Germany - A Qualified Solution To Peace In The Middle East

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"Germany with its strong economic and political position is qualified to play an effective role to establish peace in the world" says Suadi Arabian King Abdullah.

"(King) Abdullah highlighted the problems facing the Middle East and sought Germany’s help to defuse the explosive situation in the region, remove weapons of mass destruction and enhance international cooperation to combat terrorism in order to reinforce peace and stability in the world".

Wait a minute. I thought it was Javier Solana.
Wait a New York second, I thought it was the Middle East Quartet.
Wait just a dog gone minute, I thought the United Nations and the Alliance of Civilizations unified faiths movement would have all the Middle East sing, "We are the world, we are the yada yada".


It's Germany?

Photo: Getty Images

Yikes! Thank you Dorothy Margraff for sharing with all of us on Constance Cumbeys most excellent blogsite the find of Harry Beckhough. I greatly encourage reading of his great paper entitled "Germany's Four Reichs". Click on my links section to check it out.

"Germany intends to have a strong strategic partnership relation with Saudi Arabia, considering its vital position in the Arab and Islamic world and its economic weight”.

When I read this article I would have never guessed there was such a STRONG Saudi-German relation. Ever.
At least none that was brought to my attention.

“He (King Abdullah) also emphasized the Kingdom’s desire to strengthen cooperation with Germany. “I am confident that the future of Saudi-German relations will be bright,” he added.

Wow, as the times we live in move faster and faster all I can see is a beautiful Betty Davis saying to us all, "Fasten your seat belts. It's going to be a bumpy night".

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