Saturday, May 31, 2008

Berlin, Germany and NATO PA's

Germany and NATO: One Mind

Germany Backs NATO

Secretary General meets NATO Parliamentarians in Berlin

In his keynote speech, Mr De Hoop Scheffer elaborated on NATO enlargement, on NATO's operations in Kosovo and Afghanistan and on the importance of NATO's partnerships. He also emphasized the role of parliamentarians in resourcing and explaining NATO policy, and urged them to maintain their commitment and support for a number of key issues on the agenda.

Jaap says, "I am very happy to appear before your Assembly again. And I am especially pleased to be able to do so in Berlin -- a city which stood for the success of transatlantic cohesion for over four decades, and which then became a symbol for the growing unity of this continent....

My appeal to you here today is to continue to support not only the NATO-led ISAF mission, but also the gradual rebalancing in the international community’s overall involvement, and to explain and build support for it among our publics".

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