Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Religious Politics - Hagee Genuflects To His "Great Whore" Remark: Catholics See This As The Quickest About Face in 15 Years

John Hagee, pastor at San Antonio's Cornerstone Church, has apologized for statements that have offended Catholics. (AP Photo)

Pastor Hagee Asks' For Forgiveness For His Anti- Catholic "Apostate Church" Remarks

Will Now Aid In Strengthening Global Interfaith Inter-Religious Movement

“Indeed, the Catholic League welcomes his apology,” he wrote. “What Hagee has done takes courage and quite frankly I never expected him to demonstrate such sensitivity to our concerns. But he has done just that. Now Catholics, along with Jews, can work with Pastor Hagee in making interfaith relations stronger than ever. Whatever problems we had before are now history. This case is closed.”


Anonymous said...

This isn't what he's preached about.

How can he stand credible now?

Definitely sounds political.

Thanks for the FYI

johnny said...

Anytime anonymous 2:28

Strange polarities are forming indeed my friend.

And the game of Politics continues.


Anonymous said...


thought you might find this interesting, "Faithless Einstein"

Anonymous said...

sorry here's a better link


johnny said...

Thanks 2:28

The Guardians UK article on Einsteins faith certainly is fitting to todays new faith.


Anonymous said...

The Great Apostasy continues to grow like cancer.