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Who's Eating The Chosen People? Global Corporations, Global Banks, Global Governance

From left to right:
Chairman of the Munich Security conference Wolfgang Ischinger,
President of the Brookings Institute, Strobe Talbott,
EU General Secretary
Javier Solana,
Secretary-General of the United Nations
Ban Ki Moon,
CEO of the Bertelsmann
Foundation, Gunther Thielen, and
German Foreign Minister
Frank-Walter Steinmeier,
in Berlin Germany on
Tuesday, July 15, 2008 at the opening of the conference.

"Managing Global Insecurity 2008".
(AP Photo/Clemens Bilan, pool)


From The Wilderness 2003

Eating The Chosen People

Fascism should more properly be called corporatism,
since it is the merger of state and corporate power.
- Benito Mussolini


If you understand nothing else about the map that I have been trying to draw for you, understand that the post 9-11 erosion of civil liberties and the economic devastation that is being felt here at home - in the land of The Chosen People - are opposite sides of the same coin. One begets and demands the other, whether the Empire consciously considers it or not. And the currents of behavior depicted on the map dictate, as surely as gravity pulls things down and not up, that what has already started can only get worse. This is both the good news and the bad news. For years many already aware Americans have complained about the complacency of the general population in this country, seeing it as the single biggest obstacle to meaningful change. In the metaphor I used earlier in the book about a ham and eggs breakfast, the American people were playing the role of the chicken rather than the pig.

- Mike Ruppert

The role has changed and the obstacle is being removed...

Taken From The Wilderness

Some America: Freedom To Fascism quotes


Catherine Austin Fitts (Former Asst. Secretary of Housing)
: The government works for a private bank, and the private bank works for its owners, the true masters.

[from trailer]
Michael Ruppert (Investigator/Author): The Federal Reserve is no more 'federal' than Federal Express. I've never seen a full list of ownership for the Fed -- I don't think anybody has.

[from trailer]
Franklin Sanders (Author/Tax Honesty): Why did we give a monopoly, of creating money out of thin air, to a private corporation?

[from trailer]
Peter Gibbons (Tax Attorney): There is no constitutional basis for a tax on the wages of Americans living and working in the 50 states of the union. Period, end of argument.

[from trailer]
Irwin Schiff (Author): Nobody can know what the law is, because the law is what the judges *say* the law is.

[from trailer]
Aaron Russo: I think it should be clarified, I think government should be transparent to the people.

[from trailer]
Ron Paul (Congressman): You have to get permission from the government for almost *everything*. And if that is the definition of a Police State -- that you can't do anything unless the government gives you permission -- we're well on our way.

[from trailer]
Aaron Russo: I began to have a frightening thought: what if it was our own government we had to be afraid of?

[from trailer]
Franklin Sanders (Author/Tax Honesty): The power of the government has been hijacked, so that the rest of us are made slaves.

[from trailer]
Edwin Viera (Prof. Constitutional Law): What happens if your own government is using more force, and more coercion, on its own citizens, for the purposes of achieving *its* political ends -- is that government engaged in terrorism?

[from trailer]
G. Edward Griffin (Author, 'Creature From Jekyll Island'): Unfortunately, what is being sold to the American people today, as 'Americanism'... If you peel off the label, you'd find *so* much similarity to what we were fighting against when we were fighting Communism, and Nazism, and Fascism.

[from trailer]
Michael Ruppert (Investigator/Author): Benito Mussolini had a great quote about Fascism: he said that 'Fascism' should be called 'Corporatism' more properly, because it's the perfect merger, of power between the corporation and the State. That's how he defined Fascism! And that's what we're seeing here.

[from trailer]
Edwin Viera (Prof. Constitutional Law): *All* the power is in the people. And to the extent that government becomes alienated from the people, does things the people don't want, power is transferred until you finally come to a Police State, totalitarian state, whatever word you want to give it -- where the desires of the people really have no consequence. They go out and they vote, doesn't make any difference which candidate they elect.


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