Sunday, July 27, 2008

The McKinney Factor: Obama's Nightmare, Is Losing Because Of Cynthia McKinney - Black Faces In High Places

"Even without the dirty tactics, an Obama scandal, a damning revelation, a gaffe, or more flips, reversals, and shifts by him to the right could sour more left side Democrats and Independents on him.

But this doesn't mean that McKinney can't toss a curve at Obama. She's got energy, charisma, has name recognition and is on the ballot in thirty six states, a handful of them are crucial swing states that Obama and McCain will wage war to win.

The tantalizing possibility that McKinney might pull two to three percent of the vote nationally is more than a wild stretch. In a close to the wire contest between Obama and McCain this could be just enough to cause the Obama camp jitters as Nader did with Democrats in 2000."

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Cynthia McKinney: Obama’s Worst Nightmare

Barack Obama is no longer the most historic candidate in this year’s presidential election. When the Green Party nominated Cynthia McKinney, a former Congresswoman who happens to be both African-American AND a woman, as their presidential candidate, the historicality of Obama’s campaign was thrown into question in the eyes of the dozens of Americans who were aware that the Green Party had nominated a candidate.

Source Los Angeles CityZine


"Black Faces In High Places" -

Remembering Cynthia McKinney's
Outgoing Impeachment Papers
On Bush, Cheney and Condi Rice

Black voters have never been repelled by Cynthia McKinney’s brand of politics.”

Perhaps most emblematic of her consistent, principled political behavior, was McKinney’s inclusion of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as deserving of impeachment, along with her bosses, Bush and Cheney. House Resolution1106 reads :

Condoleezza Rice, in violation of her constitutional duty to share and provide accurate and truthful intelligence information with the Congress, as former National Security Adviser to the President, did play a leading role in deceiving Congress and the American public by repeating and propagating false statements concerning Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction program…. Whereby Condoleezza Rice…did commit and was guilty of high misdemeanors against the United States of America.”

Less than the “high crimes” charged against Bush and Cheney, but sufficient.

Condoleezza Rice, for no good reason, is far less despised among African Americans than Bush and Cheney. But principle requires that Rice should also face congressional indictment. How many members of the Congressional Black Caucus would buck the historical Black current that celebrates “Black faces in high places,” no matter what their crimes? One, that we can be sure of: Cynthia McKinney.

In their eternal quest to erase independent Black political expression, corporate media, corporate Democrats and corporate mercenaries of all varieties seek to portray legitimate African American activist/politicians as “crazed,” “overly emotional,” and “out of step with the Black mainstream.” In reality, these hostile forces attempt to dry up the stream of Black militancy by separating African Americans from their own authentic voices.


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