Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cynthia McKinney: The Formula For Winning, Obama's Lead In Mass. Eroding, Poll Finally Includes McKinney

Cynthia McKinney's Formula For Winning In November

By Timothy Gatto

05 August, 2008

I’m sure that everyone has heard the same argument put forward by the Democrats at least a hundred times or more; “A vote for a third-party candidate does nothing but insure a McCain win” (or a reasonable facsimile thereof). If I hear this ridiculous argument one more time I will probably need stitches in my tongue from biting it.

First of all, the premise behind the argument is irrational. The worst thing about advancing this kind of black/white, either/or argument is that the argument becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. When people advance the idea that only a Democrat or a Republican can win a Presidential election, it helps to reinforce that idea in people’s minds. The more this argument is echoed throughout America, the more people believe it. There are a number of reasons why the next president doesn’t have to belong to the duopoly that has taken this nation to the brink of disaster.

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(Media-Newswire.com) - BOSTON – Democrat Barack Obama ( 47 percent ) leads Republican John McCain ( 38 percent ) by 9 percent among Massachusetts voters, according to a poll released today by 7NEWS/Suffolk University. Green Party nominee Cynthia McKinney and Libertarian Party nominee Bob Barr each polled 1 percent, while 13 percent of voters surveyed were undecided.

The poll sharply contrasts with a June 7NEWS/Suffolk University poll, which showed Obama with a 23-point lead, 53 percent to 30 percent.

"Barack Obama’s campaign has hit a soft patch this summer," said David Paleologos, director of the Political Research Center at Suffolk University in Boston. "With November just three months off, it still appears an Obama outcome in Massachusetts is not in question, but the margin certainly is."

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by Jonathan Nack
Tuesday Aug 5th, 2008 12:14 PM

First presidential poll to include both McKinney and Nader

Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, the Green Party's candidate for president, is currently polling at 1 percent, according to a national poll conducted by Opinion Research Corporation released by CNN, and reported on today by Angus Reid Global Monitor. This is the first poll reported on by Angus Reid, a poll tracking organization, to include McKinney.

The poll found that 6 percent would vote for Ralph Nader (Independent/Peace and Freedom Party (in California only)), and 3 percent would vote for former Congressman Bob Barr (Libertarian Party). http://www.angus-reid.com/polls/view/31436/seven_point_lead_for_obama_in_us_race

The poll found Senator Barack Obama (Democrat) has a 4 point lead over Senator John McCain (Republican) - 46 percent to 41 percent.

In previous elections, Nader has polled considerably higher than his vote total on election day. Whether that holds true this year, and if it holds true for McKinney and Barr, remains to be seen. McKinney's vote total could benefit from her being the only woman on the ballot in most states.

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