Tuesday, October 13, 2009

World's Gay Capital Unveiling Itself In Tel Aviv: There Is NO New Spirit Of The Lord In Them Grave Filled Dry Bones

In Judaism Discovered, Michael Hoffman deciphers the paradoxical homosexual tenet in Orthodox Judaism. Will sodomy SAVE Israel? The Haaretz article below dated 9-22-09 considers it.

Interesting...how kosher...how confusing to many American Churchianity.

Its not a paradox if you read Michael's book and understand that The Dry Bones prophecy HAS NOT been fulfilled. Those Dry Bones DO NOT have The Spirit Of The Lord in them, but are being held by the captive spirit of the old Babylonian belief system. And indeed many believers of Jesus Christ inside the hallowed halls of Christian Zionism are being held and set up, BIG TIME! Be forewarned. - Johnny

Tel Aviv Aims To Be World's Gay Capital

Travel agents from around world to arrive at International Gay, Lesbian Tourism convention to be held in Israel for first time. Participants to sightsee, visit gay community hangouts in effort to increase tourism

Danny Sadeh

Published: 10.08.09, 15:30 / Israel Travel

Tel Aviv making gay history. For the first ever time Israel will host an International Gay and Lesbian Tourism Association (IGLTA) convention, which will be attended by 20 travel agents from around the world specializing in gay tourism.

The conference will begin on Saturday and culminate in a symposium conducted at the gay community's center in Tel Aviv's Meir Park.

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Can Gay Porn Save Israel's Image?

By Michael Kaminer, The Forward

Last update - 12:26 22/09/2009

The bearded receptionist wears a yarmulke.

In any other office, this wouldn't seem remarkable. But this is the midtown Manhattan headquarters of Lucas Entertainment, one of the largest gay adult film companies in the world.

The yarmulke - worn in memory of a recently departed grandmother, it turns out - seems weirdly apt once you meet Michael Lucas, the 37-year-old founder and CEO of the 11-year-old porn conglomerate, which in August released what it claims is the first gay adult film made in Israel with an all-Israeli cast.

Click here for entire Haaretz article.

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