Friday, June 4, 2010

Mr. Bruce Lee: The First Anti Global Governance Chinese Celebrity. Chinese and Judaic Relations? Not A Chinaman's Chance. Part 6

"Let Us Extend The Canvass And Temper The Foreground" - Johnny

If there was a painter inside of Dante's Inferno there would not be enough canvass to capture all the perils of unprecedented manipulation and corruption around us, so we shall very quickly assemble, to pacify the fainthearted, in this months June newsletter, “Mr. Bruce Lee: The First Anti Global Governance Chinese Celebrity. Chinese and Judaic Relations? Not A Chinaman's Chance. Part 6.”

Confucianism VS. Judaism...The Complete And Utter Neo-Lithic Incompatibility.

Confucianism VS. Christianity...A Closer Relation In More Ways Than Most Wish To Acknowledge.

SOLUTION or SYNTHESIS: A New Skin For The Trans-figurative Judaic

Are we not entertained?


Are you surprised that the latest Western propaganda ploy out of the Judaen Wilderness of Hollywood happily extends a hand of peace in “The Karate Kid 2010”, starring Jackie Chan (21st Century Chinese Slave to the mechanized Dancing Rabbi's Division) teaching a young black child, Will Smith's boy, Jaden Smith (21st Century father and son Slave Puppets to the Yes We Can Don't You Dare Un-Civil My Rights And Entitlements Movement Baby)? But does it really matter? No. It really doesn't matter if we should call the film “The Kung Fu Kid” instead of "The Karate Kid". Its another $1.00 DVD special in this years Christmas' sales bin as its actual campaign fails the second hand conversations of real politik.

Actor Donnie Yen for Ip Man 2

Yet, when a real hand of political understanding is extended to you and not even a mouses whimper is heard from the West, all you can do is watch Bruce Lee's Grandmaster biopic sequel film “Ip Man 2”, continue to melt away Iron Man 2 in Asia, Australia and other countries.

Then here is the dilemma that the hypothetical Dante's painter would confront: extending the canvass, but tempering the foreground.

So, is it really that hard to wonder why Javier Solana's cosmetic jesture of Sino-Western curtsey to place a firm, yet soft hand in and around China has failed with his recent agreements on Iranian sanctions? I hope you haven't missed it mon ami's. Not even this years Munich Security Conference or NATO's General Custer's Last Stand Die-You Tribes (diatribes) Or Join Us Strategic Concept can see the Indians from the buffalo's or the tree of life from the tree of...

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