Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ask The Right Question: Where Was Elena Kagan Khazar Ruler Whereabouts When Jewish Rabbi's Got Nabbed By The FBI For Global Human Organ Trafficking?

At least Elena Kagan was honest about being in a Chinese restaurant during Hanukkah: "Don't the Hanukkah lights look so pretty tonight? (Anonymous dining guest: Yes, they sure do dear)...Pass me an egg sweet and sour pork is getting cold." - Johnny

Soooooo many questions, soooooo little time to answer.

Did Elena Kagan have a gay partner while having tenure at Harvard?

In the Washington Post in April of this year, 2010, why did the White House complain to CBS for posting on a BLOG that Kagan may be Gay?

The Global Trust appoints like minded players.

The real Zionist Khazaria question that should have been asked by the Senate Judiciary Committee is, "Hypothetically, what would be your judgment if the Orthodox Judaic Rabbi's that were arrested in June of last year by an FBI probe for a global human organ trafficking ring are found guilty?

You see readers?

Ask the wrong questions and they never never have to give the real, true answers.

Kapner and Hoffman ask the right questions. And all of us await the right answers.

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