Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Judaism Subdues Faith Based Initiative Churches Into USDA Sustainable Development Food Justice Passover Seder Event

Playing both sides of the pew, Orthodox Judaism maneuvers Global Governance sustainable food ideology into Christianity.

Faith Based Initiative Churches and other related NGO affiliates are sucker punched into Global Governance first ever advanced food justice event.

Global Unified Belief System dialogues with interfaith Faith Based Initiative NGO’s, such as Promise Keepers and Tea Party affiliates, Progressive Jewish Alliance and Jewish Funds For Justice affiliates, and break sustainable matzah in first ever USDA Passover Seder.

Faith Based Initiative program continues to entrench American churches in religious compromise. - johnny

Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships Blog

Repair the World: USDA Hosts its First Food and Justice Passover Seder

Matzah, the traditional flatbread eaten by Jewish people to commemorate Passover, decorated six circular tables, along with bitter herbs (maror), “mortar” for bricks (haroset), and green leafy vegetables (carpas). Around the tables, USDA employees, Administration officials, and a host of guests from the non-profit and Jewish community gathered to celebrate the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food and Justice Passover Seder.

A traditional seder is a ceremonial Jewish meal commemorating the Passover holiday and Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt after being freed from slavery. Held in partnership with Jewish Funds for Justice and the Progressive Jewish Alliance, USDA’s modernized symbolic seder was held after Passover and focused on issues where food and justice intersect.

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Jews for Justice

Progressive Jewish Alliance

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