Thursday, February 2, 2012

Global Governance Judaism Pt 2: Belligerent Israel Hides Nuclear Arsenal Amid Calls For True Peace Davos Herzliya Munich Conferences Murmur

Barack Hussein Obama & Shimon Peres, AIPAC Award Next?

Global Governance Judaism Pt 2 keeps the torch of peace aflamed for the true little Churches of Philadelphia  amid those who call themselves Jews but are of the Synagogue of Satan's parlor games of booze, bets, bombs and boobs to wage more Zionist wars.

Did Davos poster enough the concerns of a Saudi Royals belief on Middle East Peace ?  "An influential member of the Saudi royal family warned Wednesday that unless the Middle East becomes a nuclear weapon-free zone, a nuclear arms race is inevitable and could include his own country, Iraq, Egypt and even Turkey...But it could also put Israel under sanctions if it doesn't come clean on its suspected nuclear arsenal...Israel is widely believed to have an arsenal of hundreds of nuclear weapons but has avoided confirming or denying their existence...An Arab proposal for a weapons of mass destruction-free zone was initially endorsed by the 1995 conference reviewing the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, but never acted on."

But AIPAC continues to puppetmaster Barack Hussein Obama with an upcoming award that will surely help his re-election campaign and continue to divide the Southern Black Caucus into the abyss of greed. And so we know that moneypolitics of the Trust is not moving in harmony with whats remaining of Mike King Jr's "I Have A Dream" as AIPAC, the AJC and the ADL's continual violatiion of the Justice Departments Foreign Agent Registration Act supports Malcolm X's predictions of the future, nothing will change.

But, with all of what happened at Davos and whats coming down the plumbing pipes of Herzliya and Munich's Security Conferences, other countries have already spoken against the Khazari Global Governance corruption in the Middle East. For instance South America says Yes to Iran and Hell No to the Unholyland of Israel. "Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, speaking in Managua after meeting Ahmadinejad, called for a Middle East free of nuclear weapons and branded Israel's nuclear program the main threat to the region's peace and stability."  So, how will the omens of the Khazars frighten...

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