Saturday, February 25, 2012

Global Governance Agenda Collapses in Afghanistan and Syria - Germany Flees - True Essence of Khazari Zionism Revealed

A Bad Day For America In Iran, Syria And Afghanistan is what the headlines say.

No, this is a VERY BAD DAY for America, Germany, NATO, Orthodox Judaism, Khazari Judaism, Javier Solana, Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg, Hillary Clinton, Lawrence Summers, Prince Charles, Sustainable Development and the agenda of Global Governance.

Muslims Won't Get Fooled Again.

A Bad Day For America In Iran, Syria And Afghanistan

Tuesday Feb. 21 was a bad day for the U.S. in Iran, Syria, and Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan, protests against Americans who incinerated Korans at a military prison became so violent that Afghan police fired on protesters killing three people. The anger is widespread, and more than 30 people have been wounded in protests throughout the country.

Afghans are forming outside compounds filled with police, contractors, and coalition forces chanting "death to America." This will do nothing but hurt American forces still fighting there, and make continued operations there through 2014 more difficult...

Germans ditch Afghan base after Koran burning

Escalating unrest following the burning of the Koran by US soldiers has forced Germany to give up one of its Afghanistan bases earlier than planned.

After 300 protesters massed outside the German Taloqan base in northern Afghanistan, the commander withdrew the 50 troops to the larger Kunduz base camp 70 kilometres away, abandoning the camp around a month ahead of schedule.

A Bundeswehr spokesman said the troops had taken all military vehicles with them, but it remained unclear whether the soldiers would return at a later date to complete the clear-out. The relatively small camp is said to be difficult to secure, since it is in the middle of the town of Taloqan, capital of the Takhar province, with a population of 200,000.

State broadcaster ZDF reported that stones had been thrown at the camp, which was also attacked in May last year, when several people were shot dead. Taloqan is also the town where an Afghan police chief and two Bundeswehr soldiers were killed in an attack on the governor’s palace last year...

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