Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Global Governance Judaism Pt 4: NATO's Imminent Collapse/Self-Re-Invention Gasps Its Last Breath As Mr. Europe/Dr. Strangelove Garners Christian Zionist Apocalypse Support

Europe-NATO-Israel Triangle Rebel Arab Spring Uniform?

Downplayed as just a “precarious” moment in NATO's military campaign, even if Noah, Job or Daniel were around, they would only save themselves and NATO would surely wither away. But at the Brookings Institution upcoming Friday The Thirteenth event “Europe's Eastern Frontiers: A Conversation With Javier Solana”, Strobe Talbott is banking heavily on “Mr. Europe” to SAVE NATO, or at least muster some kind of relevance of “Being There.”

As greater peace activists numbers increase and continue to voice “NATO Game Over!” as per the recent Brussels Belgium arrests, Transatlanticism via such groups like the Atlantic Council's Harlan Ullman will try to find some “Dr. Strangelove, Israel And Iran” relevance.

Indeed his Chabad Lubavitch/Christian Zionist linked article “Three Horsemen Of The New Apocalypse” at the Battalion of Deborah site strengthens the “Europe-NATO-Israel Triangle Rebel Arab Spring Revolutions” from Egypt to Libya to Afghanistan to Russia to Syria to Iran ad nauseam.

So we ask Elijah's chair at this weeks seder, “How Kosher is NATO?”


Silence fills the room.

Then a rush of BBQ lamb and red garlicky potatoes...

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