Sunday, May 13, 2012

Global Governance Judaism Pt 5: Zionism Born August 29, 1897 Died April 25, 2012

Depiction Of A Flock Of Dark Grey Crows Ill Visit At This Years Israel Independence Day 2012

Only omens can say,

Only talismans can tell,

The feathered crow of flight

Bids Zionism farewell

The writing on the wall was evident as Gideon Levy astutely scribed in the Haaretz that after 115 years its time for Zionism to Retire.  "The national liberation movement's time came and went. Now we have a state. Neither good citizenship nor misdeeds have anything to do with Zionism anymore...On the eve of Independence Day this week, a flock of dark gray crows hovered over Nahal Lakhish in the Ad Halom Park in southern Israel. Ad Halom means "until here," and that's where the Egyptian army was stopped in the summer of 1948. Here the State of Israel was saved, about two weeks after its establishment. "All of us are tired. The Egyptians are in Ashdod but they may advance on Tel Aviv if we do not stop them. Despite the exhaustion and for the sake of our families, we will also go out tonight," commander Aryeh Kotzer told his company shortly before he was killed."

Israeli Nationalsts are also aware of Zionisms death and was not only seen by Levy but also by the Rolling Stone's review of The Crisis of Zionism.

Is there a feeling of Post-Zionism sensed from the Occupy Israel movements recent rages against the machine ? Will America media continue to non report its protests?

Perhaps we see now why Netanyahu has haphazardly formed the new "Unity" government after all Zionism is not racist, but Zionists can be racists?

Will Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama with Germany unveil the Jerusalem Old City Initiative, for a world seeking Unity? Only the European Unions recent talks of a new "Mr. Europe" entering stage right and ...

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