Thursday, July 19, 2012

GLOBAL GOVERNANCE JUDAISM PT 6: Global Unified Belief System Established Under Safed, Israel Kabbalah Fused Mysticism/Spritualism BA Degree

Jesus The Mystic Kabbalist Revealed?
The notorious gentile hating Kabbalistic doctrines of Judaic Rabbi Isaac (AKA Yitzhak) Luria turns a 180 degree, mmmmmmmmm, kind of, but not really. All spiritually encompassing Lurianic Kabbalah sets precedent in Israel with the accredited embrace of the Global Unified Belief System. This is not a BA Degree in the New Age Movement, nor a BA Degree in Native American Indian Shamanism, Indian Mythology, Sufism, Hinduism, Buddhism or Zen philosophy. This IS what this office has been preparing our readers and subscribers for, a Judaic BA in all things considered Mystic and Spiritist. This IS The Official Global Unified Belief System escorted by Kabbalah. 
Let Us Welcome All Babylon Alumni to Spiritualversity!
Contemptualized and synergized, Lurianic Kabbalahhas grasped the essence of the upcoming Global Unified Belief System byoffering in its Chabad Lubavitch capital of Kabbalah, an academic accrediteddegree in Mysticism and Spirituality, with Christianity as an understudy? This broad road allowed passable by kabbalah academia and the aura essentials of Lurianic Kabbalah in none other than Safed, Israel, just north of the Sea of Galilee, will be Zefat Academic College's hottest BA program in the upcoming Fall semester, guaranteed. The timing for the end of Zionism and the beginning for Global Unified Belief Systems is perfection.
Again, for the future Global Governance, there is no New Age Movement, Native American Indian Shamanism, Indian Mythology, Sufisim, Hinduism, or Zen philosophy. There is only the Global Unified Belief System. 
Global Governance can now sojourn and find Common Ground embraced by Kabbalistic Tantric Sex Magick to the Spirit of Cain while strolling the bone yards, grave yards and crypt yards of mazes, sages and twilight rages with Haifi priestess witchery leading the way.
And of course, Judaism's most historical nemesis, Jesus Christ and his followers, have been mutated into the Global Mystics that will one day assist, according to the Kabbalah of Luria, in the revealing of the "true Messiah" in none other than Safed, Israel, near Galilee. This Mystic Anti Messiah will channel more than just walking on water.
How will the future remember Bill Clinton's Holy Sites Initiative with the University of Windsor Canada's Jerusalem Old City Initiative? How will the future see the underlying spiritualversity cornerstone in Jerusalem's final Global Governance worship Temple? Can we see another secret society Charlamagne award given...

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