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Salvador de Madariaga, CIA Intellectual Propoganda, The move towards Global Governance

Findings to Constance,

Constance, you’ve probably seen this, but I queried "50 Reasons to Say No to NATO" which is Javier Solana’s Socialist Marxist Anti NATO pamphlets he so proudly dispersed to his fellow Spainards.

Upon further investigating the sources cited below, it seems to solidify into a strong CIA connection with Solana and his maternal grandfather Salvador de Madariaga. Remember, our CIA is a civilian intelligence agency of the United States government.
Its primary function is obtaining and analyzing information about foreign governments, corporations, and persons in order to advise public policymakers.

So here are my findings.

In the article, "The Incorporation of Spain and Javier Solana Into NATO", “Javier Solana, an old Fullbrighter, accused of being a CIA man inside the PSOE structure (see the book. 'Soberanos e Intervenidos, Estrategias globales, americanos y españoles,' by Jaon Garces), was the person who made the official presentation of Felipe González (PSOE's Secretary General) to the US Embassy in Madrid. (Note: Jaon Garces' link is no longer there - now you see it now you don’t).

Read article: The Incorporation of Spain and Javier Solana Into NATO

But, in lieu of Anti American feelings by the Spaniards because of the following reasons noted here from “Anti-Americanism In Spain: The Weight Of History”:

·The Spanish-American War of 1898.
·Washington’s support of Franco after the 1936-39 Civil War.
·The 1953 Pact of Madrid, which established US bases in Spain.
·The lukewarm support for Spain’s transition to democracy after Franco died.
·The Reagan administration’s backing of military dictatorships in Latin America.
·And, more recently, the US invasion of Iraq in 2003.

our American Spaniard transatlantic relations seemed to only strengthen rather than dissipate.

Read article: "Anti-Americanism In Spain: The Weight Of History"

Now what can possibly tie this strained relationship together?
As you and others have plainly stated Constance, “Global Governance”.

In the article, “Caution the Dialectic Process At Work part 2", Dennis Cuddy opines a connection with Javier Solana and the CIA, where he writes, “At this point, it is worth remembering that under the Dialectic, the CIA befriended (funded) Socialists in Spain to control them or at least make them less radical”.

Read article: "Caution: The Dialectic Process At Work Part 2"

After several internet queries I found in his book, “The Cultural Cold War: The CIA and the World of Arts and Letters”, author Frances Stonor Saunders cites that Salvador de Madariaga was one of several intellectuals recruited by the CIA for ideaological propaganda to counter the view that liberal democracy was less compatible with culture than communism.

See book: "The Cultural Cold War: The CIA and the World of Arts and Letters"

A Spanish site also corroborates this issue, translated “The Intellectuals in Service to the CIA”.

Read article: "Intelectuales al servicio de la CIA"

The organization most noted as the vehicle by which the CIA did this was “The Congress for Cultural Freedom”, abbreviated here as CCF.

Read brief history: "The Congress for Cultural Freedom"

Bertrand Russell, one of many CIA CCF intellectuals, defined here as, “Cold War Propagandist” cites that he joined Salvador de Madariaga as one of the honorary chairmen in The Congress for Cultural Freedom

Read article: "Bertrand Russell Cold War Propogandist"

At this book preview entitled “The CIA, the British Left, and the Cold War: Calling the Tune?” I found the chapter “British Intellectuals and The Congress for Cultural Freedom” which is defined as a reference stating that during the late 1940s the newly created CIA, in a loose alliance with anti-communist intellectuals and trade unionists, launched a massive, clandestine effort to win the Cold War allegiance of the European left. Salvador de Madariaga is noted.

Preview book excerpt: "The CIA, The British Left, And The Cold War: Calling The Tune?"

Michael Josselson, who was also one of many CIA CCF intellectuals, is noted here as leaving the State Department in 1950 to help steer the newly created Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF), a liberal, anti-Communist organization founded by American and European intellectuals to expose Communist cultural oppression and to oppose all forms of totalitarian rule. One of his intellectual correspondents during and after the CCF was Salvador de Madariaga.

Read article: "Michael Josselson Papers"

Now, moving to the present.

Something noteworthy to consider was last years 2006 aloof position Javier Solana took in regards to CIA detainee flights into Europe, secret prisons and torture therein.
Remember, Solana is considered as “Mr. Europe – The Voice of Europe”.

Solana is questioned last year in regards to what knowledge he had of any EU/US agreement permitting the illegal rendition flights on the use of EU member states by the US secret service (CIA) for the transport and illegal detention of prisoners.

Read Article: "Solana Faces EU Committee on CIA Activity"

In this article Solana is accused of, “washing his hands of responsibility” in regards to CIA flights and detention centres operating in Europe, Solana said, “Professionally, in the role I have now (May 3, 2006), I have no competence to question EU Member States”.

Read article: "Javier Solana: “No Information” On CIA Renditions Or Detention Centres"

Another article entitled, “EU Chief: No Proof Of Secret Prisons - But Javier Solana Evasive On Dubious CIA Actions In Europe, Lawmakers Say” addresses the same issue.

See article: "EU Chief: No Proof Of Secret Prisons"

Now all of this may seem far-reaching, but I submit this to you and everyone to critically examine these sources.

Remember the old saying, “the fruit does not fall to far from the tree”. Lets keep that in mind in regards to this.

Remember also, this year in Aachen Germany Javier stated when receiving the Charlamagne Prize, “I was privileged to be born into a family with a long-standing commitment to Europe. Naturally it gives me great satisfaction to note that, along with Salvador de Madariaga, two members of this family have now received this eminent distinction”.

See speech: "Dr. Javier Solana Madariaga Charlemagne Award 2007"

What we may have here is a pre-designed movement from inside our own U.S. to steer the masses further away from its own liberty and freedom towards global governance.
Each person deserves to know which representative and organization in their own government stands with and stands for and, at this moment in U.S. history to voice their opinion in regards to these issues.

As you have said before Constance ,"Everyone deserves one kind warning".

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