Monday, October 29, 2007

NATO and Israel: "This is not a shotgun marriage" says Livni

Photo: Reuters

The Atlantic Forum of Israel helped organize a visit early last week, Sunday October 21, 2007, with newly appointed NATO Deputy Secretary-General Claudio Bisogniero. Bisogniero and Livni addressed the second annual “NATO Israel Symposium” at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya on Monday night. The growing partnership between a newly transformed NATO in the Middle East is bridging a stronger partnership between Israel and its western military allies. Marking the first anniversary of Israel's Individual Cooperation Program with NATO, although not becoming a full member, Livni say’s, “This is not a shotgun marriage”.

I quite agree with Livni. I’m sure this is not. Still considered officially “newlyweds” in regards to their official public NATO nuptials, the honeymoon is just beginning. I guess its time for the groom NATO to change its old bachelor ways and step in line with the misses. A happy wife, is a happy house. I wonder how many more old friends the groom is going to have to part with. Either way the transformation of NATO continues, so lets keep sifting through the news.

click here to see the full article, "NATO Deputy Secretary-General Arrives"

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