Monday, October 29, 2007

NATO Summit 2009, A New NATO “Strategic Concept” and a possible September 11 in Afghanistan could help NATO

Image: Bakir Rahmanovic, ISN

Johnny's comment on New NATO Image above (10/31/07):
"NATO has its sights on an earth in peril"

A Brief Summary from the exhaustive article,

“Prospects for a new NATO Strategic Concept”

by: Rafael L Bardají for Strategic Studies Group

Zurich Switzerland (10/10/07)

A New Transformed NATO is likely to be unveiled at the NATO Summit 2009 celebrating its sixtieth anniversary. This transformation is being created out of necessity to deal with Islamic extremism. NATO needs to form “partnerships” with other like-minded democracies to deal with Islamic extremism. Especially in regards to energy, NATO has to be a part of new designed collective in response to Russia. NATO has to change to adapt to the future and frame a new objective “Strategic Concept”. The creation for “A New Consensus” is the primary reason for this new “Strategic Concept” that is slated for the NATO Summit 2009.

But NATO faces two problems: The European view on the US War on Terror and the lack of European military might and will. An iron and clay military sums up its EU members despite the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP). France wants NATO to be a “joint defense force FOR Europe but France would accept an equal NATO to EU military". NATO has to start the transformation process in Afghanistan. NATO could succeed in Afghanistan if a 9-11 event occurred in Afghanistan. A new “Strategic Concept” for NATO should begin at the latest in Spring 2008 but The NATO Summit 2009 new “Strategic Concept” deadline may be hampered. Timing is everything.

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great thoughts on this article. Another very scary situation to pay attention too. Thank you for your hard study on this.