Saturday, October 4, 2008

Israel US EU Human Rights Triangle VS. Islam. Thesis + Anti-Thesis = US Muslim Engagement

As Michael Hoffman has noted:

"Laws Protecting "Holocaust" lore are sacrosanct (see the "Toben case," below)

But laws protecting Islam are the subject of protest by the US and Europe because they "stifle free speech": --"The Bush administration, European governments and advocates of freedom of speech are ramping up efforts to counter what they see as a campaign by Muslim countries to suppress speech about religion, especially Islam."
The campaign by Zionist countries to stifle free speech about "The Holocaust" is not an issue for Bush or the self-righteous European governments. The old Talmudic double-standard haunts and corrodes the marketplace of ideas".

And, at the same time, we are being led from this struggle (Thesis + Anti-Thesis) into a new paradigm.
The solution?

Enters the U.S. Muslim Engagement.

U.S.-Muslim Engagement Seen As Key To Security, Prosperity

- Johnny

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