Monday, October 13, 2008

Orthodox Judaism and Israel Will Not Suffer Current Economic Meltdown - Hhhhmm

Economic Meltdown Will Boost Religion's Stock

Organized religion too often is as much about tribalism as it is spiritual advancement. And when times are tough and insecurities mount, as they are today, more people tend to view tribalism - be it identification with clan, nation or religion - as an appealing safe haven. So look for the current economic meltdown to boost religion's stock worldwide.

As a species, humans are no more secure than the rabbit that turns tail at the snapping of a twig. Blame it on death, or, to be more precise, the fear of death.


After cancelling his Washington trip, Governor of the Bank of Israel Stanley Fischer actually sounds reassuring about Israel's banks and the economy, in a special interview.

Eran Peer, Avi Temkin and Ron Stein

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Anonymous said...

"Blame it on death, or, to be more precise, the fear of death". Fear.