Friday, October 24, 2008

MCR: I Love Tom Whipple

MCR wrote:


For years now he has demonstrated the clearest grasp and most articulate voice on understanding what Peak means and how it plays out. He makes me feel like I'm playing in the best infield in baseball.

This is what I wrote about today. He wrote about it too because we can feel how many just haven't gotten it yet and we both knew what your laments would be. I think I can speak for Tom when I say that our biggest fears are that not enough people will get it in time.

Inside joke for Tom: I love ya babe! [Spoken like a true case officer,which makes me worry that I may have met one too many in the last thirty years.]

The CIA is Wall Street. And we know from declassified documents that the CIA understood and was following Peak Oil way back in the 1970s.

So, here's my team: Whipple at third, Ruppert at short stop, Heinberg at second, Simmons at first, and Campbell at the plate. Robinowitz is in left field (no pun), Darley in center, and Quinn-Bachman in right. Kane is third base coach. Rice Farmer is first base coach.

Stan Goff is the umpire.

Jenna sweetheart, you're the one sitting in the dugout spitting all the time. (Oh, am I going to hear about that. Pray for me fans.)

Now everyone go read Whipple before I get cranky.

JO wrote:

You forgot Kunstler as pitcher, sweetheart.

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