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To Quell the Deception, Is To Distinguish Its Ploys

The Talmud, the Stock Market and Bernie the Goniff

by Michael Hoffman
Copyright © 2008. All Rights Reserved

Bernard L. Madoff has run off with the store so to speak -- the store of cash that is, which Judaics from Steven Spielberg to Elie Wiesel had stashed with this agent of of the world's second oldest profession, whose patron is that hoary old rascal who Shakespeare dubbed Shylock and the am-haaretz on the Lower East Side call the goniff.

I hesitated writing this column because the acolytes of Wilhelm Marr are coming out of the woodwork pointing to the Judaic ethnicity of Madoff, as if there are not a legion of gentile crooks and con-men running amok in the stock market these days, fleecing peasantry and gentry from coast to coast. A crook is a crook, whether Catholic, Hindu or Talmudic, and in my view they should all be hanged with an equal length of rope.

Madoff's enormous heist (do my eyes deceive me when I grok the sum of $50 billion?!), interests this newshound precisely because it undercuts a stereotype of the Jew-haters: that Judaics are always the "smart money," evincing a fiduciary adhesion surpassing the strongest bonding agents in Das Kapital's marketplace: always robbing gentiles and profiting communally from the rip-off.

This sub-cellar stereotype is actually misdirection emanating from a resonance of rabbinic propaganda that has been covertly seeded in right wing ranks ever since Hitler chose the Protocols over Entdecktes Judenthum as his movement's signature reference work.

Contemporary professional anti-semites push a post-modern version of this disinformation when they maintain that Judaism, or its potent offshoots, Judaic culture and tribalism, always defraud gentiles while enriching Judaics. This is sheerest ignorance reflecting a sound-bite knowledge --of the little bit is dangerous variety -- of the posek's sacred Torah SheBeal Peh.

Contrary to the received opinion, Judaism is not good for Judaics. Any religion that inculcates cheating God is going to end up having its followers cheat each other. They may cheat the gentiles first, but sooner or later they'll give each other a haircut too, and not just on Lag B'omer.

Judaism runs the gamut from one-upmanship over God to the enslavement of married couples by the torturous and labyrinthine halachos of Niddah (laws on menstruation). S'iz shver tsu zayn a yid ("It's no fun being a Judaic" --my translation).

It is certainly true that Orthodox Judaism teaches that under certain circumstances, the Neshama HaElyonah-deficient subhumanity otherwise known as the goyim are fair game for every imaginable theft and deception.

Furthermore, Orthodox Judaism holds that even God can be fooled through the superior brain-power of the lawyer-like posek ha-dor. Kol Nidrei is but one of many institutionalized examples of a lawyer's loophole created so as to defraud God of promises that were made to be broken.

Business ethics are equally compromised. Honesty is not highly prized in Judaism if it threatens the standing of the rabbis or the fortunes of the tribe. The creepy Khazars who ran the kashrut slaughterhouse in Iowa are only the most recent example of this praxis.

In William N. Grimstad's magisterial, book-length flight of Celinean prose, Talk About Hate, (Colorado, 1994), he offers the world-historic insight that Judaism's "officially sanctioned covert practice" and "contempt for us gullible marks" leads to the "inevitable moral abasement that this sort of treachery fosters in its practitioners."

Judaism does not entail only deceiving non-Judaics; at its core it is deeply enmeshed in a gigantic web of self-deception. Shoel U'Meishiv: a Judaic defendant bribes a gentile judge not for the sake of evading a just sentence but only where a judge would otherwise pronounce "an incorrect ruling." BT Sanhedrin 54b and BT Ketubot 11b: when a Judaic male has intercourse with a little boy under the age of nine, it's not sodomy, because it's not a "significant" act since, by the Gemara's own definition, sodomy with a boy under the age of nine cannot be sodomy. Mishnah Nedarim 3:1: "He who desires that none of his vows made during the year shall be valid, let him stand at Rosh haShanah and declare, 'Every vow which I make in the future shall be cancelled."

The goniff Bernie Madoff is not a renegade. He is the terminal Talmudic man that the Jewish self-haters who created Judaism have constructed from the golden calf which they have worshipped in preference to Yahweh, for more than 3,000 years. Bernie's prodigious swindle proves a point which this writer has been making against intense opposition from the Henry Ford wing of the Right: the biggest victims of Judaism are not gentiles but Judaics themselves. That's why the world's most virulent Judaic-haters, the Protestant fundamentalists and the modern Vatican pontiffs, encourage Judaics to remain in their synagogues, while exalting Orthodox Judaism as truly representative of a divine and eternal covenant.

As a function of Judaism itself, Madoff has brought misery down upon the heads of his fellow Judaics. For those who have eyes to see: "anti-semitism" was borrowed from Wilhelm Marr in order to disguise the long history of this communitarian torment.

To understand this paradox will require a paradigm-shift away from everything the agents of the rabbis have seeded in our ranks for hundreds of years. The words of truth are often paradoxical: those who would save Judaics from the Madoffs of the world must necessarily save them from Judaism itself.

Contrary to the bubbe meises told to the bochurim, the Esau who hates Jacob for all eternity ("Halacha hi beyoduah she'Eisav soneh l'Yaakov"), is not the authentic follower of Yeshua the Nazarene; rather he is the authentic exponent of the Misheh Torah and the Mishneh Berurah.

Ethical behavior ("mitzvos bei Adam L'Chavero") is so often found lacking in Talmudic business practices contracted even between Talmudists. The man who will cheat God and the gentiles who sustain the nation that harbors him, will cheat his co-religionists with equal impunity, as Yeshiva University, the Elie Wisel Foundation for Humanity, Norman Levy, the UJA, Mortimer Zuckerman, the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System, Rabbi Haskel Lookstein's Ramaz School, the Jewish Community Centers Association of North America, the Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family Foundation, the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach, SAR Academy, and Spielberg's Wunderkinder Foundation, are all learning to their dismay.

A ready means of destroying Judaics would be to suppress any violence or vandalism against them and leave them to rabbinic Judaism. Without an "anti-semitic" alibi to distract them from their religiously-institutionalized penchant for self-destruction, the Bernie Madoffs of their world would channel their inner-Esaus and reduce Judaism's adherents to a collection of feuding bankrupts.

Only a lover of Judaics would endeavor to dissuade them from their toxic and self-annihilating theology, society and culture which generates predators possessed of the dizzying manipulative skill, remorseless mercantilism and "inevitable moral abasement that this sort of treachery fosters in its practitioners" of a Bernard L. Madoff.

Michael Hoffman
is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press and the author of the underground bestseller, Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit, now in its second printing, in spite having been banned by Amazon.com (the only book about Judaism which has that distinction). Ordering information is here:


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