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Old City Of Jerusalem To Become City State Like Vatican City: The Special Regime in Jerusalem Will Soon Be Unveiled

Hold on to your knickers!

Don't get your panties in a wad!
And for goodness sake don't kill the messenger!!!!!!!!!!

Other sources that I am not at liberty to quote here are implying strongly that the "Secret Agreement" Tony Blair mentioned on December 7, 2008 and the other sources that have indicated that Annapolis WAS NOT a failure are pointing to one end and one end only:

The Old City Of Jerusalem Is To Become A City State

The July 2008 Newsletter at the Jerusalem Old City Initiative website, which was just recently released in NOVEMBER, has indicated that the Jerusalem Old City Initiative, which was a birthing tangent along side of Bill Clintons' The Holy Sites Initiatives, are still ongoing and are coming to its end of final reports.

The Summer 2008 Jerusalem Old City Initiative newsletter can be seen here

As I pondered as to why NO PRESS has reported The University Of Windsor's, Canada JOCI movements (insert Compartmentalization divide and conquer game plan here) I decided to check back and see if I "missed" anything. Well apparently another report dated 7-29-07 gave some light as to why this initiative is not dead in the waters but rather alive and kicking.

A Plan For Governance In A Special Regime In Jerusalem

At Clause 3.1 I found this snippet:

"The creation of a separate international entity (along the lines of a Monaco type
or even Vatican type state) would offer distinct advantages, not least in terms of
the application and enforcement of a legal system that differs from the present
one, and also for dispute resolution..."

The Jerusalem Special Regime Area will not be limited to the Old City of Jerusalem. That's right, Bill Clinton' s Holy Sites initiatives and other like minded folks like Rabbi David Rosen will be there also. See the Rabbi's thoughts on this matter.

So the questions arise:

Although a City State governing body will exist, who will have the ultimate governing powers?
What country entity is going to have the most influence?
Which para military corp will enforce its laws to its residents?
Will a new religious belief system comprise the New Jerusalem Old City State?
Will news of "Jerusalem City" finally nail the paradoxical Middle East Peace?

And finally, WHO will ultimately get credit for this Really Keen Idea?

The last of the commissioned reports are due very soon (we'll probably see them in February09'):

Governance Discussion Document (Fall 2008)
Holy Sites Working Group Report (Winter 2008)
Dispute Resolution Report (Winter 2008)

I pray I am absolutely 100% wrong on this and I hope this is not old hat for some of you.

I now return to my Sunday football viewing, chasing TV cheerleaders and gorging on my Truckers diet of Cheetos, Slim Jim's and chocolate milk.

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Anonymous said...

Clever idea.

Anonymous said...

"The overwhelming challenge facing UNESCO in Jerusalem involves that of legal
jurisdiction and the right of enforcement. Despite the development of an international
framework for the preservation of world heritage (The World Heritage Convention) and emergence of a comprehensive body of legal principles (ICOMOS)70, UNESCO remains,
in Jerusalem, largely dependent on the goodwill of Israel and its ally the US, with regards
to compliance and operational authority. There simply remains no other effectual means
of enforcing regulations or implementing strategic policy without the co-operation of the
Israeli government, which is unlikely to endorse any actions which it perceives as
undermining the Jewishness of the city or its political claims to it. The example of
Kosovo is instructive here where within the post-war state vacuum of Kosovo, UNESCO
functioned with relative freedom and effectiveness. The proposed Old City regime
would need to obtain agreement of the two parties – Israel, Palestine, and possibly Jordan
– to accept the more universalistic and inclusive benchmarks of UNESCO pertaining to
excavation and preservation so that such work can be carried out effectively and within
the context of an overall plan.
6.2. UNESCO and an Old City regime
Within the parameters set out above, UNESCO could play an important role in the
following areas:
 Supervision of all Archaeological Excavations – to help overcome mutual
communal suspicion; to safeguard international excavation standards and protect
newly uncovered historical artifacts. UNESCO would consult extensively with the
Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) and the Department of Islamic Archaeology of
the Jordanian Awqaf Administration.
 Advisory Role in the Protection of the Holy Sites. This would not be an
international policing role, but more as a body with expertise in post-conflict
situations how to maintain access to and preserve the fabric to the holy sites under
a proposed Old City Administration.
 Fostering Stronger Local Partnerships – UNESCO could take a lead role in
developing a network of stakeholders, including religious authorities, businesses,
cultural service organizations, education and research establishments, NGO’s and
a cross section of the local inhabitants. An integrated cultural heritage master plan would therefore emerge from a partnership and dialogue between these
 Establishment of an Executive Body to oversee Rehabilitation Plans – UNESCO
could oversee the administration and running of the comprehensive restoration
plan for the Old City balancing Palestinian and Israeli interests. The body would
comprise internationals and experts from both communities.
 Advisory role on Social Rehabilitation – Drawing on UNESCO projects in
Aleppo and Fez, the link between heritage preservation with urban revitalization
has been established as crucial. UNESCO’s expertise could be employed to advise
on how to combine cultural restoration and the improvement of urban amenities
such as housing, sanitation and water supply.
 Advisory role in the development of Cultural Tourism – The International Cultural
Tourism Charter (ICOMOS 1999) provides important guidelines and principles
facilitating the promotion of cultural tourism in the context of preservation and
conservation. These could be employed not only for cultural tourism initiatives
but also allow host communities to participate and benefit from their historic
 UNESCO and Heritage Education- UNESCO’s world heritage mission
objectives72 indicate the importance placed upon educational values in its work.
These could be developed through initiatives in Jerusalem with special emphasis
given to youth. The national curricula of both communities could be revised to
contain appropriate materials on the cultural history of the Old City and
promoting a shared understanding of the diverse history of the city in general.
 Advisory role in Reconciliation and Mediation - UNESCO has expertise in
restoration projects that provide spaces to bridge religious and cultural divides,
through shared work schemes and local partnerships.73 The implementation of a
comprehensive plan for the Old City could incorporate this expertise and devise
appropriate activities".

International Norms And The Preservation of Culture
and Heritage in the Old City of Jerusalem:
A study of the role of UNESCO

Anonymous said...

"Somewhat below the radar, Israelis and Palestinians have been engaged in direct, intensive negotiations, and have created trust and a framework where none existed only two years ago," Ban Ki Moon said.

The Earth Times


Rudi said...

Hi Johnny,
Wow! This ties right in with the Jerusalem Academy's proposal. See Constance's Saturday, May 10, 2008

Jerusalem Academy homepage:

Under the heading "Downloads" is the "Peace Proposal" VERY interesting to note from the links
you gave us and your mention of Rabbi David Rosen's participation, he is listed along with Ervin Lazslo and other very familiar personalities as a Board Member of the Jerusalem Academy. -Rudi

"Firstly, Jerusalem, God’s city, will be a separate entity, a ‘corpus separatum’, like the
Vatican City, which is surrounded by Rome, but is itself a separate unity." (Beginning on page 123 of the Jerusalem Academy Peace Proposal)

johnny said...

Awesome Rudi!,

Yes, it links to Babylon and all her harlotry.

Great to see it all coming together.

Rock on girl!


Anonymous said...

Johnny, saw your Monday, February 25, 2008, Clinton's Global Initiative Holy Sites Initiatives post that tied in with the Tuesday, February 26, 2008 Jerusalem Old City Initiative that you updated with this post. Wow!

I wonder how Rick Warren is going to play his cards when the Old City of Jerusalem and teh Holy Sites ALL become this City State of The Aquarius?

Can't wait to hear Rick Warren tonight on Dateline.


Anonymous said...

Johnny, thanks thanks thanks for finding the Clinton Global Holy Sites Initiatives Jerusalem Old City Initiatives. Check your email, I sent you a recent development you may find shocking. I see your point of caution in regards to other sources. Go Johnny go, go!!