Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Ghosts Of Global Governance Will Be Heard

"Older Than America"

Kill The Indian,

Save The Man

Inspired by actual events, The Ghosts of Global Governance will not be silenced as more and more truth is being revealed about the Native Indian Holocaust. "Older Than America" reveals this.

This is more than a movie. This is what Global Governance is all about - Assimilation or Elimination, as one commenter posted here.

Courage to tell the truth is rare in the times that we live. It stands pushed out of public view in the Church and of course out of sight from the ever persistence role politics plays in all of our lives.

Yet, do not ignore its voice my dear readers.

This Global Governance history lesson is being revealed now for a reason.

In the deceptive times that we are living in it is very fortunate that God is allowing us to know these things.

We all will testify.

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