Friday, June 5, 2009

Holocaustianity Is Subdued & Gullibile To Obama And Pope - Dresden Is Aflamed Once More - Michael Hoffman Reveals Parallels

Obama And Pope Quenches The Parched Thirst Of Churchianities Gullible And Blind. By not asking the Right Questions their blind alley's lead many to red herrings. Erinnern Sie sich an Dresden- Dresden - das Inferno. Johnny

Obama: Baseless, Ignorant And Hateful

By Michael Hoffman

We often tend to forget that "politician" is an old English word for whore. Some of us still cling to the hope that an American president will be an exception to that denotation. After eight years of the bloodthirsty simian secret society pharaoh George W. Bush, I figured that anybody would be an improvement.

Barrack Obama promised change and to some he seemed like the real McCoy, or rather the real Hussein: peace, prosperity, health care, and to top it off, justice in the Middle East.

Yesterday President Obama was in Egypt to give a "watershed" speech to the Muslim world that was intended to demonstrate that the long, dark night of Israeli hegemony over the United States had come to an end, and that America was initiating a new era marked by fairness to both sides.

Let's be real. Ending Israeli hegemony and being genuinely fair to the Arab nation of peoples which the Orthodox rabbis denominate as "Amalek," would require a revolutionary break with Holocaustianity, the universal, de facto state religion of the Western world.

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