Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Fire In The Crystal and UN Human Security and Dignity

I hope I wax eloquently as I attempt to add some new thoughts and facts alongside of today's and yesterday's great sleuths Constance Cumbey, Dorothy Margraff and the late Herb Peters on the subject of Javier Solana's The Fire And The Crystal and the 2003 UN Human Security and Dignity Conference.

Originally brought to all of our attention this past Sunday by Constance, I couldn't stop thinking about all of the observations I found.

Interesting to note, I was ready to post a brand new topic, again through the diligent lead and council of Constance (No relation to the 16th Ecumenical Roman Catholic Council :), and curiously in parallel relation to the Fire In the Crystal, but rest assured I will post it here very quickly time permitting. So without further clumsy but thankful introductions let's warm to the fire.

Javier Solana’s 2001 “The Fire And The Crystal” speech and the 2003 UN DPI/NGO Human Security and Dignity conference are both very curious on many, many fronts. There is SOOO MUCH to say about both of these events and it’s players past and present. Although this comment is rather long I’ll try not to stray too far from both topics.

Headed by Mikhail Gorbachov,The Pio Manzù International Research Centre, where Javier Solana did this speech, is a Non-Governmental Organization of the United Nations and UNIDO, which has been operating since 1969 as an institute for the in-depth study of the main economic and scientific aspects of the relationship between man and his environment.

In October of 2001 they held their 27th gathering entitled, The Fire In The Crystal International Conference”.

Pio Manzù Gold Medals are awarded at the annual event to individuals for their contributions in respect to the Research Center’s main goals and objectives.

That year, Javier Solana, one of many interesting individuals, was awarded The Pio Manzù Gold Medal.

Although the events of 9-11, a month before in which a world in grief and in search of peace and resolutions was the pre-dominant thought globally, appropriate accolades were given to the “Good Doctor”, as Constance has coined, setting the stage for future “Options For Peace” Intervention strategies both physically, mentally, economically and spiritually.

Meta-Science and its relation to mankind was defiant at this conference, such as the topic, Cellular Geometric Patterns of the Universe and its carving into life.

Also, DNA had its voice heard through Evolutionary Biologist Richard Dawkins while viewing Creation from The Gene’s Eye.

And interesting note, Richard Dawkins, at a previous US lecture series, finds himself receiving great applause after he made an anti-religious comment against an anonymous religious group in the Middle East in regards to Creation.

Still, one wonder’s could a variation of “Intelligent Design”, or a variation of science and metaphysics, be ONE of the hooks Javier Solana uses to draw the three prominent global religions together?

Since the Good Doctor is a physicist himself, is this where Javier Solana’s true faith lies?

Another interesting individual awarded The Pio Manzù Gold Medal was Collin Powell. Dr. Norman P. Neureiter, Science and Technology Adviser to the Secretary of State in 2001 accepted on behalf of Collin Powell The Pio Manzù Gold Medal.

The keynote address by James Hillman brings this particular Baconian type of gathering true definition. “Justice and Beauty: Foundations of an Ecological Psychology” is a show stopper. Hillman, literally from the Jungian school, developed the theorem “Archetypal Psychology” or polytheistic myth as psychology. I think we can all see where this was going.

Walking lightly around the shadows of the metaphysics side, “Fire Crystals” are seen as playing an essential part in healing and life extension.

From the mythological lore of Atlantis, “Fire Crystals” are regarded as transmitters and receivers.

Speaking of receiving and broadcasting, a book called “Crystal Fire” details the development of the transistor and its impact on society (telephones, radios and computers). I found that noteworthy.

In regards to Javier Solana’s The Fire and The Crystal speech, four things in particular.

First, I disagree with Javier Solana when he say’s, “Preventing conflict depends more than ever on access to good intelligence”. In my opinion, I believe that “Transparent Intelligence prevents conflicts”, that is, a rich variety of sources to view all sides can discern clearer the issues at hand.

Secondly, his assertion that conflicts are born out of failed states is flawed. In my opinion the “conception of conflicts” arise from the governing failures of its economic corridors, which in essence, affects every working individual.

Thirdly, Javier’s reasons for engagement are off again, when he cites “ethnic and religious differences” <Insert Red Herring Alert here>. Again in my opinion I believe the funding policies of each state are critical in the security and dignity to each of its countrymen and women.

And finally, when he stated that the UN is a “neutral and benevolent instrument” all I could say was, Yeah, Right!

But now it’s 2008.

Things are rapidly changing into the surreal.

Today one can easily see The Pio Manzù International Research Centre courting itself alongside notables of varied affluence such as Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie.

But does Angelina’s exquisiteness reassure me that The Pio Manzù International Research Centers endeavors, to pursue a harmonius relationship between science, mankind and his environment, will not intrude into my beliefs and my wallet, No, it doesn’t.

So now we fast forward to the UN’s 2003 Human Security and Dignity Conference. This was seriously comically shocking if you can imagine those feelings all rolled into one.

Alfredo Sfeir-Younis, Senior Advisor, Office of the Managing Director, World Bank, who moderated the Sustainable Development in the Context of Globalization (De-territorialisation) session, is noted on page 24 of his bio for incorporating “spiritual economics”. Huh? I did a double take on this and found something else out.

In Kosmos, the leading international Journal for planetary citizens committed to the birth and emergence of a new planetary culture and civilization, his destiny is written in the stars. Fans of Constance will love what his economic vision for Mother Gaia is.

Remember, he was moderating the session of sustaining Mother Earth and fracturing sovereign sates and its borders. You always have to have money to fund a war, but now it is cloaked in humanities last chance for survival into a new age. Blaaaahhhh!

This finally brings me to Javier’s friend, Giandomenico Picco.

Moderating the first and primary thematic session of the conference, “Psychological Aspects of Human Security and Dignity”, Picco’s reasoning that “better practices for enhancing a sense of belonging is greatly needed” diverts us away from history’s lesson and in my opinion the crux of the matter, the spiritual battle for the mind, body soul and spirit of all. These engagements take historical precedent.

But then again maybe I don’t know my history. And maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic. But I believe history already gave us our lesson for attaining a sense of belonging and enhancing Humanities Security and Dignity.

It can found by the brave and courageous men and women who fought against the British in The American Revolution.

Here's a little Common Sense and 51 Reasons To Say No To Global Governance.

"That there are men in all countries who get their living by war, and by keeping up the quarrels of Nations, is as shocking as it is true; but when those who are concerned in the government of a country make it their study to sow discord, and cultivate prejudices among Nations, it becomes the more unpardonable." - Thomas Paine January 10, 1776


Rudi said...

In the previous comment section Johnny said:
"The Fire and Crystal conference sounds eerily reminiscent to something I just can't put my finger on. My cogs and sprockets are turning."

Absolutely outstanding article Johnny. You've succeeded in drawing together (Putting your finger on it!) some very significant information. I'm going to do some further checking, as I found this subject to be totally facinating. There are a ton of leads within the links and information you've provided. I found reading the background on the Oct. 2007 Pio Manzù Centre Conference "The flight of the humming bird...The future of children in the mind and society of the world" to be very interesting. A quote from James Hillman is provided in the opening comments describing the conference:
"What James Hillman - an old friend of the Pio Manzù Centre - says, then, is perfectly true: “Children have become the sacrificial victims of Saturn-Moloch, as they were in the ancient Mediterranean civilisations.(The Soul's Code)


Well done Johnny and thanks! Rudi

johnny said...

You are ever so welcome Rudi!

Interesting to say the least, Hillmans quote, I say is absolutely Satanic in nature.

This spiritual battle requires His Word in us plus our continued prayers and for those who are looking into this Pray Now!

Great eye on that quote Rudi, thank you.

johnny said...

Rudi, what I meant to write was not just satanic in nature, just obviously satanic.

Kera said...

Wow what great research! Thank you for the article. So much to read and understand. It is amazing that the people that hold high positions like Alfredo Sfeir-Younis have a scaring/mentally disturbed view on life. If anyone in my office started talking the way he does, being a "planetary citizen" they might call the mental hospital on them. But I guess that is a suitable job at the world bank for a planetary citizen. Huhh?

Reading about the fire and the crystal for some reason brought to mind Revelation 13:13-18. The Beast from the Earth and the beast having power to make fire come down from the heavens to the earth in the sight of men. I wonder what the idol will be made of? I don't know why I thought about this scripture, but it is all very interesting.
Thank you again and thank you Constance, Dorothy and Herb for bring it to light.