Wednesday, January 16, 2008

WHERE IS THE REAL POWER? asks The Russian Church At The Alliance of Civilizations Madrid Conference 2008

The Moscow Patriarchate warns against empowering 'unaccountable elites' in the security sphere

"Shared security conception often say that 'state, land, shrines, ideas are nothing if opposed to life and comfort of an individual and should be subordinated to him'.

'This conception as well as the idea of human security related to it, was put forward as 'smooth' alternative to the idea of national security and is to submerge it giving priority to the security of individuals or groups of citizens instead of the state security', deputy head of the Moscow Patriarchate Department for External Church Relations Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin told Interfax-Religion.

However, the question is where the real power will go to in case the conception of shared security is realized and the responsibility for the security is conveyed from the state to some international agencies', he said.

Fr. Vsevolod noted that today presidents and parliaments, and governments through them 'are elected by people and are accountable to people'. According to him, this conception 'empowers to international bureaucracy, economic, expert and informational elites elected by no one and accountable to no one'.

'To force their surrender means to reap the whirlwind. The international community should not teach people how to live and who should bear responsibility for their security. It should respect various cultural, civilization, religious and social models existing in the world and strive to provide freedom, independence and development to every of them even if this model values state, Motherland, faith, and shrines the most', the Russian Church's representative concluded.


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