Friday, January 18, 2008

Herzliya Conference Chairman And Former Top Mossad Official Prof. Uzi Arad Answers Questions for Jeruslaem Post

Prof. Uzi Arad
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Q&A With Uzi Arad

Ahead of Israel's most important policy gathering - The Herzliya Conference (Jan. 20-23) - conference chairman and former top Mossad official Prof. Uzi Arad answers readers' questions about the chances of reaching peace by the end of the year, the NIE on Iran and other matters of importance to Israel's security

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johnny said...

Caution hits the fan with this cultural propaganda article.

This Q&A says it all:

Felicia Daniels, LA: Do you think war would break out in 2008? If so, with whom?

Prof. Arad: Yes, with ourselves. It is the war of the Jews and as the saying goes: 'we have found the enemy and the enemy is us'. This is only a tongue in cheek response but there is a grain of truth in it. I am very concerned with the fact that there is too much division amongst us rather than a rallying cry for joint and united action. It is true that there are threats coming from the outside and that there could be a flare up in a number of flashpoints, be it in the north, west, or in the Far East (Iran) but one thing is clear: if we are able to win such external wars, we have to win the internal ones, to form a national unity government or exercise a high sense of solidarity".

A New National Unity Government eh?

Pro Military Industrial Complex influenced without a doubt and with no true democratic voice of the Israeli people.

Even the "readers" that ask these questions are pro-military unity government.

What a farce!