Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another Road To Hell Paved With Good Intentions - Reversing The Downward Spiral Between US and Muslims Relations

US-Muslim Engagement: Reversing the Downward Spiral

Search For Common Ground

National Coalition For Dialogue And Deliberation


In partnership with the Consensus Building Institute, we are carrying out a project, called US-Muslim Engagement: Reversing the Downward Spiral. The goal is to improve US relations with the Muslim world. At the project's core is a Leadership Group that includes former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Imam Feisal Rauf, Shamil Idriss of the UN's Alliance of Civilizations, Vali Nasr of the Council on Foreign Relations, Dalia Mogahed of the Gallup Organization, Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention, Ambassador (ret) Dennis Ross, former AIPAC Executive Director Tom Dine, author Stephen Covey, and ex-Republican Congressmen Vin Weber and Steve Bartlett. Through a consensus process, the Group is crafting a new vision of how to address the challenges and opportunities in US relations with the Muslim world.


johnny said...

Things are becoming surreal in the Wind Driven Fields of the Wheat and Tares.


johnny said...

Are we lookig at the "Good Intentions" of "Relationship Evangelism" with Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention with the U.S. - Muslim Engagement Project?

I hope so, because anything other than that is disastrous on an monumental scale in regards to End Times Prophecy .

Let's give Mr. Land the benefit of the doubt.

Will Richard Land develop a relationship with the Alliance of Civilizations and all the other leaders that are converging to the state of Dialogue?

Will he at the very end bust a move on everyone and offer a Southern Baptist Convention Dialogue "Alter Call" to accept Jesus Christ as Our Lord and Saviour? Maybe he'll get some help from Joel Olsteen and TD Jakes down the road.

If this is the "Good Intentions" of Mr. Land then it really seems very, very hard to accomplish this, given the state of deadlines and funding alongside of UN and other World Inter-religious Initiatives.

In essence, this endeavor, if it is "Relationship Evangelism", really paves the way to a wider gate we all were warned about by Jesus.

I pray this is not another non-abrasive intention that overlays the thorny road to relevance and relationships.

The ONLY other reason Mr. Land would be a part of this project is that he truly believes in it and will help usher its fruition.

If thats the case?

The clock is ticking.

Constance Cumbey said...

I'm just catching up with this important article. Interesting -- early in my work, I was called often by a physician's wife from Raleigh, North Carolina who was active in Southern Baptist Affairs -- Ann Frazier. She told me of another member of her board who was bitterly opposed to my work as he was for globalism. His name, she then told me, was Richard Land!


johnny said...

Thanks Constance for stopping in.

I've been pondering about this "Road" for awhile myself.

My daughters doctor, who is Episcopal, wears a necklace with a Catholic crucifx, a crescent moon and the Star of David. Her inquiries into our religious beliefs has remained surface tension on the light side but definitely enlightened. But its this unified spiritual enlightenment that is being built around us that is deja vu.

It is interesting to think about in retrospect Constance how important the construction and maintenance, "All Roads Led To" in the old Roman Empire and how they are trying to led us today in this revived beast.

Some historians viewed those "roads" as the Crucial Life Blood for the empire.

Todays global governance life blood is a vampire.