Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Project Interchange: Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center Connection Via Jerusalem Old City Initiative Into AJC By The Numbers Summary

Project Interchange:

Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center


"Jerusalem Old City Initiative"


Some Of The

"AJC By The Numbers"

Javier Solana, high representative for the common
foreign and security policy of the European Union,
addresses the dedication dinner of the Transatlantic
Institute, in 2004.
Taken from AJC By The Numbers

Pope Benedict XVI and Rabbi David Rosen,
AJC director of international interreligious affairs,
greet each other in St. Peter’s Square.
Taken from AJC By The Numbers

Shuffling through the Funding Partners of the "Jerusalem Old City Initiative" (JOCI), one of its members caught my eye.

Moti Cristal:
Expert in conflict management and a fellow at the Institute for Counterterrorism at the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center, he has experience as a member of Israeli negotiating teams during peace talks with the Palestinian Authority.

His name takes us yet to another initiative in Israel called "Project Interchange".

Cross referencing Project Interchange with Javier Solana took me to an interesting executive summary from the "The American Jewish Committee" called AJC By The Numbers.

This, Letter From a Diplomatic Marathoner,

David A. Harris, Executive Director, American Jewish Committee, October 13, 2003,

sheds a little more light into The Europe-NATO-Israel Triangle, Transatlantic Relations.


johnny said...

A relentless pace, that IS NOT ending anytime soon.


johnny said...


24 7 9

Dates, coordinates?

I wonder why those numbers are highlighted on the AJC By The Numbers summary?

Just thoughts.


johnny said...

The Solar Eclipse of July 22, 2009?

Just thoughts and queries.

johnny :)

Anonymous said...

Tisha b'av that year is on the 29-30 July, so the dates
24th July 2009 would fall within the three weeks period of mourning of Tammuz. those dates don't strike anything particularly notable, perhaps it is just the art design of the brochure....or perhaps not.


johnny said...

Cool Leana!



Anonymous said...


Didn't know if you saw this speech or not...


johnny said...


Thanks Leana!!!

No, I did not know about this.

Fantastic find!!!!!

I'm shocked no one else has seen this.

Maybe everybody is still having there morning cup of coffee since 12 FEBRUARY 2004.


Anonymous said...


I actually went looking for the 24 7 9 thing, and came across the speech. I don't know how significant it is, but I did find it interesting.

The best I came up with is 24/7 as in hours and days, but I don't know about the 9. Maybe it is just a design, with no significance. I googled the number and came up with House and senate bills with that number, phone numbers ending in 2479, coordinates on mapquest, etc.

Have a great day