Friday, February 8, 2008

NATO's Informal Dialogue Meeting In Vilnius, Lithuania, 7-8 February 2008

Informal meeting of NATO Defence Ministers (IDM 1-2008)

Vilnius, Lithuania, 7-8 February 2008

Alliance speeds up preparations for Bucharest summit

NATO and Russia explore ways to deepen cooperation

Defence Ministers discuss key challenges in Afghanistan and Kosovo

Art and public debate in Vilnius - Sponsored by two Lithuanian NGO's "Babylon Youth Centre" and "The River of Ideas"


Rudi said...

Hi Johnny,
This latest information you've posted is very interesting, but a bit over my head. :) I'm learning as I go. Through the info you've just put up about this current NATO meeting I was able, by using links to the main article, link to the KFOR (Kosovo Force) site and read the background of the Kosovo crisis. I've read about it before, but this time I came away with more understanding. Thanks for all the research you do to help us keep up with so many important world events. -Rudi

johnny said...

Thanks rudi,

NATO is using cultural elements (informal meetings and artists) to bring to the Lithuania public, a fresh new NATO perspective and intent over the region.

They want to be seen as a "hand of piece as oppose to a hand of war".

I found the the art at the NATO exhibit very interesting.

Although some of it portrays a "new secure" relationship, there is still dark overtones and scattered perceptions of NATO's gesture in all of this.

These informal gatherings are highly effective to sway public consent.

I'm sure we'll being seeing more of this, "Hey, why don't we stop in on so and so, before the big day, and have a bit of tea and crumpet".

Kosovo, Rudi, absolutely.