Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pope Benedict xvi’s “Most Important Treatise Of All” Is Coming. Will You Be Ready?

Ron FraserColumnist

Benedict’s Papal Crusade

January 12, 2009 | From theTrumpet.com

In his State of the World address, Benedict returns to a timely crusading message for a world in crisis.

One year after Cardinal Josef Ratzinger was elected pope, the dissident theologian Hans Küng, a former colleague of Ratzinger, was asked by the Italian daily La Stampa for his views on the new pope’s achievements during his first year in office. The aging theologian commented that “the pontiff has proven to be a leader who ‘takes his time and prefers to make small changes that lead to bigger ones.’ But he said that Pope Benedict will continue to surprise observers, with ‘the surprises of a conservative’” (CWNews.com, April 13, 2006).

As Benedict xvi advances toward completing his fourth year in office, he continues to impress with “the surprises of a conservative” as he steadily continues on his unswerving course toward his ultimate goal of uniting Europe under the crusading cross of the religion of Rome. The underlying theme is his crusade for Roman Catholicism to become the singular great moral and spiritual force in the world.

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Anonymous said...

Here comes the harlot...mounting the beast. Right before our very eyes. Great day in the morning! Why i'll be john brown! 666 emerging from the past and coming into fruition. Something tells me i'd better activate my prayer capsule. Evil is becoming ripe for the harvest and soon God's angels will gather the tares and lead them to their destiny. Things certainly are running their course. Watching and waiting for our liftoff when the angels begin to gather the wheat. Very exciting! The peace of God doeth guard our hearts and our minds as His truley awesome peace that is not of this world, surpasses our understanding...for now.... LOVE IN CHRIST TO ALL, AMEN. Tony, in vermont