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A New Heavenly Body Or A Man-Made Revelation. Noctilucent Clouds, Weather Modification And Depleted Uranium - Keep Your Eyes Looking Up

A New Heavenly Body Or A Man-Made Revelation

44. Central global governance mandated modern weather modification technologies

Illuminating blue clouds are baffling scientists and a strange set of experiments have followed to uncover its origin. While some scientists cite global climate change others argue something entirely different.

This image shows one of the first ground sightings of noctilucent clouds in the 2007 season over Budapest, Hungary on June 15, 2007. Credit: Veres Viktor

Noctilucent clouds over northern Europe. Credit: Pekka Parvianien.

Mysterious, glowing clouds previously seen almost exclusively in Earth’s polar regions have appeared in the skies over the United States and Europe over the past several days.

Noctilucent clouds over Mt. Sabalan, a 15,784 ft extinct volcano in northwestern Iran. Credit: Siamak Sabet

Blue glowing clouds filmed from the international space station.

Last Saturday evening NASA sent a rocket to form a man-made dust cloud to get readings. On Saturday night, hundreds of the Americans saw frightening illuminations on the sky and called the local news stations.

Dozens of people along US East Coast report strange lights in the sky

These mysterious glowing clouds are appearing across America.

Rocket launch prompts calls of strange lights in sky

Rocket experiment creates eerie cloud

Particles spewed into upper atmosphere to produce evening light show

Night Time Artificial Cloud Study Using NASA Sounding Rocket

Artificial cloud created at the edge of space

Seeded cloud lit the night sky - September 21, 2009


Eerie Cloud Created by NASA Rocket Experiment

Dr. Wayne Scales from Virginia Tech, with his colleagues, are Creating Waves to uncover the new phenomena.

Wayne Scales, director of the new Center for Space Science and Engineering Research

"Being an expert in computational space plasma physics has involved Dr. Wayne Scales in projects from analyzing the effects of high-altitude nuclear detonations to creating and perturbing charged dust clouds in space...

The project's goal is to develop novel techniques of generating electromagnetic waves that interact with the radioactive particles and scatters them out of the radiation belt, he says. "One way to do that is to use a big, high-power transmitter on the ground that sends a high power radio wave. Another option would be to use a satellite that has a high-power transmitter, he says."

Dr. Wayne Scales powerpoint sheds light in the direction of new weather modifications techniques.

Artificial Perturbation of Natural Dust Clouds

Use of nickel carbonyl, sulfur hexafluride, trifloromethyl bromide

Creation of Artificial Plasma Clouds in Space for Remediation of Radioactive Particles after High Altitude Thermonuclear Detonation HAND


On the subject of radioactive particles, recent inquests have discovered radioactive depleted uranium from the Gulf War had detremental effects on servicemen.

Thursday, 10 September 2009 20:13 UK

Confirmed: British Soldier died from exposure depleted uranium during Gulf War. The death of a former soldier from colon cancer was "more likely than not" caused by his exposure to depleted uranium during the first Gulf War, an inquest has heard.

Stuart Dyson, 39, of Brownhills, West Midlands, died last June - 17 years after his involvement in the 1991 war.

He was exposed to depleted uranium from anti-tank shells near the wrecks of tanks, the inquest heard.

Utah is calling for a halt of radioactive depleted uranium to its landfills.

Rep. Jim Matheson, D-Utah, wants a halt to shipments of depleted uranium that are likely to be buried in Utah's EnergySolutions' landfill. (FILE PHOTO / The Salt Lake Tribune)

Matheson asks Energy Department to halt depleted uranium shipments. The Energy Department says no way Jose!

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