Thursday, September 17, 2009

Foreign Policy - Playing The Jesus Card, The Truth About Christian Zionists

These two articles are a perfect example of stratagem and persuasion while invigorating the heart with faith and patriotism. The sheep have no shepherds as the flock is corralled. Is this too hard to decipher in the times we are living in?

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Evangelical pastor John Hagee addresses a crowd in Jerusalem.

Playing the Jesus Card

Why is Netanyahu courting Christian fundamentalists?


Benjamin Netanyahu has a problem. The Obama administration is insisting on a settlements freeze, and the Israeli prime minister, who is resisting such demands, is not getting the support he might have expected from the U.S. pro-Israel community. Usually, when an American President makes any sort of demand on Jerusalem, pro-Israel (primarily Jewish) organizations compel Congress to pressure the president to cease and desist. It usually works. But not this time.

So what's an Israeli leader to do? Netanyahu is resurrecting a tried and true strategy: Call on Christian fundamentalists -- who see maintaining Israel's occupation as paramount -- to galvanize popular pressure against Obama. But just like the last time he played this trick, the tactic is unlikely to work magic for Bibi anytime soon.

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The Truth About Christian Zionists

Why pro-Israel Christians really support the Jewish state, push for sanctions on Iran, and want the United States to stop pressuring Jerusalem.


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