Monday, September 28, 2009

Germany's Oktoberfest Shelters Voters Under Fire Intoxicating Angela To Global Governance E.U. Lead

Since 1978, I've observed, comprised and assembled various color pallets of today's Global Governance which still finds most commentators aloof on various rabbit trails that The Trust wishes all to find. This weekend should have pointed many to the obvious, but, like many rabbit trails it wasn't pieced lets try this again.

In Germany, a very very important election occurred.

An election marked by the ghost or apparition of Osama Bin Laden's entourage in various videos.

"Leave Afghanistan or lose Oktoberfest".

A "No Fly Zone" over Oktoberfest was issued.

Does this sound familiar?

This tactic has been used many many times before and The Trust knows that, have we forgotten already?

Go back to Thursday when the Prime Minister of New Zealand said to NATO that time lines for Afghanistan troop withdrawal are now being considered and planned.

"It's a mistake", implores Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

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German police officers on patrol at the 176th Oktoberfest in Munich, which is expected to attract about six million visitors. Photo / AP

Election Security Beefed Up Amid Terror Threats

4:00AM Monday Sep 28, 2009

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